Translation of brassy in Spanish:


ordinario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbræsi/ /ˈbrɑːsi/

adjective brassier, brassiest

  • 1informal

    (woman) ordinario
    (woman) chabacano
    a brassy blonde una rubia ordinaria
    • Krystal was a brassy woman, with blond hair that was wrong and a laugh that didn't quite fit.
    • She is a big, smart, brassy woman who, after three decades in the cesspool of Philadelphia crime, isn't fazed by much.
    • She's brassy, outspoken, occasionally crass, and has a yachtload of money.
    • Some say they don't like Barbie because she is too brassy and they are into other things, like computer games.
    • She is brassy, voluptuous, flirtatious, and fun-loving.
    • Her role here is just as brassy and showy, although it doesn't feature any singing.
    • Phyllis is the bold and brassy landlady who plays her cards very close to her chest but reveals her more sensitive side.
    • But this is a much different layout than McBroom's usual bold and brassy efforts.
    • She is brassy and bold and uses the rest of the press as her PR machine.
    • She's bold, brassy, determined to take on the Scottish parliament - and she's virtual.
    • This particular nest of welfare grubbers is not located in a slum tenement, though it's no less addicted to the public handouts and is absolutely brassy in its demand for more.
    • But as the RADA-trained actress sees her reputation grow, she fears being typecast in roles as brassy northerners.
    • Hear it and, at once, you can see her - blonde but not brassy, sexy but not tarty, dignified but funny, haughty but friendly.
    • The voiceover claims that one of the women ‘has come to finishing school to get rid of her cheap, brassy image’.
    • Where Monica was bold and brassy, Amanda was quite and demure.
  • 2

    (music) estridente
  • 3

    (resembling brass)
    • The flowers, which are brassy yellow, come in July.
    • Iron sulfide nodules typically are heavy, brassy yellow, flattened along bedding planes, and 2-10 cm in diameter.
    • The concert footage, captured in color, is bright and brassy, and even with all the fancy lighting and video backdrops, the transfer never resorts to flaring or bleeding.
    • He squinted up at the sun, which was burning bright and brassy now, and climbing the side of the sky.
    • And I noticed a young girl alone up the back leaning on the bar: late twenties, lots of brassy blonde curly hair, bright blue eyes.
    • There's a glittery, brassy sort of atmosphere.
    • For about a minute or so, I keep standing by the window, which is suddenly awash in brassy light from the sun falling behind the ridgeline.
    • And my friend Lesley will go a bundle on the tip to take the brassy tones out of dyed blonde hair by smothering your head in tomato ketchup.
    • Her hair was cut boy-short, a strange kind of brassy reddish-gold which made him think of thunderstorms.
    • In warm climates, Carolina jessamine is valued for early spring color - its brassy gold trumpets appear anywhere from February to April.
    • She pointed to a young woman with brassy red hair.