Translation of brat in Spanish:


mocoso, n.

Pronunciation /bræt/ /brat/


  • 1derogatory

    mocoso masculine derogatory
    mocosa feminine derogatory
    escuincle masculine Mexico
    escuincla feminine Mexico
    • I've helped bring up the brats children of friends etc., although obviously that's no real comparison with the real thing.
    • But the all-out award for nauseating singing has to go to the demonic brats who attend England Schoolboy matches.
    • They will boycott classes and become violent at the flimsiest of excuses and generally behave like spoilt brats.
    • Several had already spawned horrid brats, who they brought with them to meet their new mommy.
    • We should not forget that making our kids spoilt brats is not true love.
    • He wasn't in the least handsome, but seemed the figure of manhood to some of the younger palace brats.
    • He behaved like a spoiled brat, his power unchecked and uncontrolled.
    • She can be a sweet little thing, but she can also be a real brat, like most kids in this building are.
    • Lydia wasn't about to suffer this indignity at the hands of an upstart brat of a girl.
    • I wondered if my sister actually enjoyed being such a cliché of a teenage brat.
    • What happens when you trap four spoiled brats from a posh British boarding school in an abandoned bunker for 18 days?
    • He managed this because everybody wanted to wear what he designed, in much the same way as spoilt brats want certain toys for Christmas.
    • You could have an overbearing brat on your hands and it would not be the child's fault.
    • Our team is comprised of spoiled brats who make more in a week than most of us do in a year - more in a day than a lot of people in the world make in a lifetime.
    • But what is harder to condone than the folly of youth is the sight of the game's senior figures acting like petulant, paranoid brats.
    • The spoilt brats born in the 1950s have lived a charmed life.
    • You can find all sorts of colourful books for your brats here.
    • The fact that the noisy little brats outside are driving me to distraction doesn't help!
    • It was like watching two spoiled brats fight, where they got everything anyone could ask for in this world.
    • And when they are shown they are either precocious brats or philosophy-spouting saints.
  • 2

    (spoilt person)
    niño mimado masculine
    niña mimada feminine