Translation of bravely in Spanish:


valientemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪvli/


  • 1

    con valor
    • Convicted of treason, he meets his end bravely.
    • The festival, an annual summer event, bravely keeps asserting the existence of an avant-garde.
    • Missionaries bravely ventured into lands where merely expressing their beliefs could get them killed.
    • Topics such as bullying, alienation in the workplace, and depression are also bravely touched upon.
    • Though both his legs are paralyzed by polio, the 27-year-old sportsman has taken up the challenge bravely.
    • It brings us in contact with families who struggle bravely with the trauma of looking after a dying loved one.
    • She bravely entered the forests to bring such children back with her.
    • I have never seen anyone suffer so much and persevere so bravely.
    • Both teams battled bravely.
    • As the eldest student, she bravely stayed in the haunted dormitory and successfully exorcised the evil spirit.
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