Traducción de bravery en español:


valentía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbreɪv(ə)ri/

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  • 1

    valentía femenino
    valor masculino
    coraje masculino
    • The officers showed tremendous courage and bravery in tackling a very difficult situation.
    • She taught us the deepest meaning of love, respect, compassion, courage and bravery.
    • Anyone who can has to be admired for they have a strength of character and bravery which I do not possess.
    • Against good international defences that takes nerve, bravery and no little skill.
    • The bomb squad duly came and defused the bomb, and Grandpa was given a medal for his bravery.
    • It's all very well to liken a restaurant to the army, but mess cooks seldom win medals for bravery.
    • He was the last to leave and was rightly awarded the British Empire Medal for his bravery.
    • The heroic policeman who saved a baby from the wrecked car will receive a medal in recognition of his bravery.
    • I saw a news report the other night which contained coverage of awards for bravery.
    • The concept of bravery is being thrown around at random, with little thought given to what exactly we mean.
    • They made it back with a combination of bravery, tenacity and good fortune.
    • Warminster Library is to host a special party for D-Day veterans to spread their tales of bravery.
    • Nobody would ever question his work ethic or his bravery but he's now combining that with some lovely play.
    • He paid tribute to their bravery in giving evidence despite attempts at bribery and intimidation.
    • A lovable rogue has been recognised for his bravery nearly 100 years after his death.
    • Who thought we'd witness that kind of bravery in the name of this project?
    • The crowd loved this display of clowning bravery and the modern bullfight was born.
    • I really salute his bravery to tell it like it is within the leadership of the ruling party.
    • In truth, the other figures in the square are all distinguished by the kind of bravery that used to appeal to us more.
    • Those who demonstrate bravery and take a stand through the proper channels should be celebrated.