Translation of brazen in Spanish:


descarado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪzən/ /ˈbreɪz(ə)n/

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    the brazen hussy! ¡esa fresca / descarada!
    • However, sometimes a brazen BFF is so bold, brash and fearless that her naughty behavior threatens to get you both in deep trouble.
    • Is he going to be this brazen, this bold all the time?
    • The brazen birds are becoming bolder by the year, encouraged by litter from takeaway meals and thoughtless people who throw them food.
    • The book is subtitled ‘bold females and their brazen acts.’
    • While child abduction is nothing new, the perpetrators are becoming bolder and more brazen.
    • But the only man she was concerned about stood bold and brazen in front.
    • Each time P. would try to apply a layer within paw's reach Cindy would swat at the tube as if to say, ‘No human of mine is going out looking like a brazen hussy.’
    • Of course, Carole was ignored, the brazen hussy!
    • I mean, my standards weren't set too high as I knew her acting ability was probably limited to playing a brazen hussy with a deep voice, but still.
    • The challenge is to win the fight to be ordinary - not to be forced into the role of camp court jesters or brazen sapphic hussies.
    • The brazen hussy (as Mrs. Chadwick fondly refers to her) then strolls off in search of a stiff drink.
    • I do not know that, but I know a brazen hussy when I see one.
    • I won't be surprised if the striking ‘colonels’ have been generously compensated for their brazen defiance of military norms.
    • The fact that there was a time when a respectable woman could only pop the question herself in one year out of every four, without appearing forward and brazen, is downright amazing.
    • Here you cannot ignore, barefaced and brazen, the meaning of a ruinous global orthodoxy.
    • From the first page on, there's a blunt, blatant, even brazen certainty in this work.
    • How can such brazen defiance of health and safety regulations be tolerated?
    • No one at Wentworth was brazen enough to make a bold prediction.
    • Packs of dogs roam the streets of South America - collarless and brazen, unabashedly unneutered.
    • Emmanuelle scoffed as she met his eyes with brazen defiance.