Translation of brazier in Spanish:


brasero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪʒər/ /ˈbreɪzɪə/ /ˈbreɪʒə/


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    brasero masculine
    • In medieval times a chafing dish was a portable brazier to hold burning coals or charcoal, designed to be set on a metal stand and to have a dish of food on top.
    • The air was thick with the smoke from coal fires in tin braziers and stoves.
    • Before a few stood braziers and camp fires from the night before, allowing for a few of the arrows to be wrought in flame.
    • She lit the brazier so that the fire could burn the stench of filth away.
    • He then took his place, and the others each lighted a torch in one of the other outer fires and used it to light one of the braziers.
    • A brazier stands forlorn in one corner, its fire long burnt out.
    • Heaps of chestnuts are being turned enthusiastically in a brazier of glowing red coals, and I'm encouraged to tuck in.
    • She inscribed the patterns on the ground, lit the braziers, and burned the incense, all as instructed.
    • Merchants had thrown rugs on the ground to display their wares and I could see torches and braziers ready to be lit.
    • The company was seated about one of the braziers that warmed and lit Vengag's great hall.
    • With the lack of light, the archers are going to be out of the question until those braziers get lit.
    • He used a folded towel to lift the pot from the bed of coals in the brazier, his ursine countenance screwed into a squint of concentration as he poured.
    • He kicked the bedside brazier, showering red coals on the floor.
    • The only light was an unsteady red glow coming from a perforated metal drum nearby: a brazier filled with hot coals.
    • The girl was calmly prodding a brazier of hot coals with an iron stick.
    • He looked across the hallway at a low brazier that lit the passage and then walked over to it.
    • Huge braziers of shining bronze lit the cavernous dining hall with dancing, playful flames.
    • The light outside had dwindled away to almost nothing, and silent soldiers on padded feet were lighting braziers and turning up gas lamps.
    • We won't win this dispute by standing around braziers on picket lines.
    • Even though she was blind, she sensed that no braziers or torches were lit, plunging the room into darkness.