Translation of bread knife in Spanish:

bread knife

cuchillo del pan, n.


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    cuchillo del pan masculine
    • This is most easily done with a large serrated-edged knife or a bread knife.
    • I found that a serrated bread knife did the best job.
    • Remove the cake layers from the pans and cut both cake layers in half horizontally, using a serrated bread knife.
    • When he refused, one of the attackers produced a seven-inch knife, similar to a bread knife, and threatened him again.
    • A small saw or serrated blade such as an old bread knife can be used.
    • So, he got out his bread knife and trimmed the quarter-loaf down to a couple of slices of dry toast.
    • I slice the loaf in two, carefully using my extra-sharp bread knife on my nifty bamboo cutting-board.
    • I set up the board and pull out my bread knife, my chef's knife, my paring knife and my peeler.
    • A school security guard had seen a bread knife with a 10-inch blade in the bed of the teen's pickup.
    • On August 20, she was seen outside her home holding a bread knife.
    • So bits of twine, a broken bread knife and half-empty bags of last year's mouldy bulb fibre are squirrelled away in my shed.
    • While still hot, remove the crusts with a bread knife, halve, and stack in a special rack.
    • Take your sharpest serrated bread knife and cut the stick in half across the middle.
    • She poked at the crumpled snakeskin with the bread knife and asked, ‘What did you think you were playing at, bringing that filth into my kitchen?’
    • Some people used sharp wires to level a cake - that is, to skim off the bump on the top that occurs naturally when baking, but I preferred to use a long bread knife.
    • Recently I've added a bread knife I bought at a trade show because the salesman made me think I couldn't live without it, and a box of baking tubes.
    • Kelley slid silently to the kitchen drawer, selecting an old bread knife.
    • He returned moments later with the steaming bread on the cutting board, complete with a bread knife.
    • I was starting to really like the look of the bread knife.
    • Cutting your lawn with a bread knife is a lot of work, too, and will fill your day up like nothing you've ever seen.