Translation of bread sauce in Spanish:

bread sauce


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    salsa hecha a base de miga de pan y leche
    • When it comes to Christmas food I'm completely conventional - turkey, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, bread sauce, stuffing, English mustard and sausages.
    • A tour of England in the mid-20th century would have revealed that bread sauce (for chicken), parsley sauce (for fish), and cheese sauce (for macaroni) were quite common.
    • Serve with the usual trimmings - bread sauce, gravy, game chips and watercress salad.
    • Serve with oven-roasted bacon rolls, chipolatas and potatoes, watercress, and bread sauce or a light gravy.
    • Whole roast grouse may still come with game chips and bread sauce but there is game jus rather than over-thickened gravy.
    • Add your favourite accompaniments - roasted parsnips and red onions, bacon rolls, Brussels sprouts and bread sauce - and finish with a warm mince pie or three, and you have a Christmas dinner worth celebrating.
    • Roast grouse with poached plums was just drowned in jam (game wants bread sauce, crumbs and red wine in a glass, that's all) and the chicken was stuffed not with salmon this time, but foie gras.
    • She makes the best roast potatoes I have ever eaten and her bread sauce is to die for.
    • It reminded me of bread sauce, a wonderful British accompaniment to turkey at Christmas.
    • Spoon some bread sauce around the birds and drizzle over gravy.
    • He said the trick with cooking grouse was to keep it simple - but, if they stick to the rules, Atkins dieters may have to forego some of the trimmings that come with the new-season bird, such as parsnip crisps and bread sauce.
    • Partridge and pheasant taste gorgeous with a creamy bread sauce or fried breadcrumbs, while wild duck is lovely with a little orange zest added to the gravy.