Translation of breadboard in Spanish:


tabla de cortar el pan, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛdbɔrd/ /ˈbrɛdbɔːd/


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    tabla de cortar el pan feminine
    • The salad was huge, served on what looked like giant breadboards.
    • Before I went out I dropped a breadboard on my foot, so there are several bits of me complaining this morning.
    • My brain resembles a pile of crumbs on a breadboard - totally frazzled.
    • They made her a gift of the round breadboard and on it Andrew placed a crusty loaf which the baker had given him in return for two crabs.
    • Each breadboard is inscribed in a different language, African or European, with the Biblical quotation ‘What man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?’
    • It is reported that the Superman comics were never drawn on Thursday night, as Mrs. Siegel needed her breadboard to knead her loaves of bread for Shabbat!
    • Each will sit on a breadboard engraved with text matching European with African languages in what Boshoff sees as a futile but poignant attempt to claim a common humanity.
    • For An Appeal to Heaven, she illuminated a breadboard with a scene of a woman praying, her hands and shoulders twined with flowers and leaves.
    • Five minutes after giving up, the coffee reappeared on the breadboard.
    • Two pairs of eyes followed its progress over the spice rack and breadboard until it was caught on a bottle of olive oil.