Translation of breadline in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛdˌlaɪn/ /ˈbrɛdlʌɪn/


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    cola de mendigos que espera recibir comida gratis
    they're on the breadline apenas tienen / apenas les alcanza para vivir
    • we're not on the breadline yet todavía no estamos en la miseria
    • You are a borderline hopeless case and unless you take action now you could be living on the breadline come retirement.
    • Simultaneously, Housing Benefit officials stopped benefits for more than 100 people living on the breadline, even though they knew their actions could lead to genuine claimants losing their homes.
    • Many cities were said to be turning into ghost towns, with some five to seven million people living precariously on the breadline, scratching out an existence from one day to the next.
    • The raft of measures announced by the government last week, however, will bring real new money to those already retired and living on the breadline.
    • L' Enfant is a moving tale of a young couple living on the breadline in an unnamed and soulless city.
    • As well as the modern urban centres with their skyscrapers there are still hundreds of thousands of villages where people live on the breadline.
    • Why do rich people's siblings deserve such a massive head start in life when there are millions of people living on the breadline?
    • You are protected from living on the breadline by the welfare state.
    • But a Senate inquiry into poverty and hardship revealed that the number of Australians living on the breadline is increasing and was told that those left behind in the economic boom represented one in five households.
    • For your information 70 per cent of the people in this country are living on the breadline.
    • To avoid living on the breadline, particularly when you are old and vulnerable, individuals should ensure they make adequate provision.
    • After holing himself up in a tower for 10 years, there was no follow-up novel and the family was living on the breadline.
    • Once again, the council taxpayer is being asked to pay a lot more for a lot less, and once again those living on the breadline will be hardest hit.
    • He was also a child of the untamed and untilled outback where people lived quite literally on the breadline.
    • Apart from bad money management and indebtedness, some individuals who are out of work due to illness or who have to give up work altogether due to ill health, may also find themselves living on the breadline.
    • They say the increased minimum wage, calculated by academics at London University, would provide a better standard of living for families on the breadline.
    • One in three children still live below the breadline - despite all the government's pledges to end child poverty.
    • My question is, why should the lawmakers allow all those benefits to be bestowed on the former president, while there are people in this country who are living below the breadline?
    • These people were living below the breadline and did not have the basic income for the basic necessities.
    • People on the breadline are going to be left out in the cold.