Translation of breakfast in Spanish:


desayuno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛkfəst/


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    desayuno masculine
    to have breakfast desayunar
    • to skip breakfast no desayunar
    • breakfast time hora del desayuno
    • For the record, I personally have bacon and egg breakfasts quite often and eat enough sausages to make me a good German.
    • He lived with a couple called Mr and Mrs Birdikin above their shop and used to eat a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs every day.
    • When they arose late in the morning, two breakfasts of pancakes, eggs, bacon, jelly-covered toast, milk, and orange juice were already made for them to eat.
    • She is very fond of fruit, particularly bananas and eats a good breakfast and dinner every day.
    • Early morning breakfasts, and a delightfully varied lunch menu are now available six days a week.
    • Early morning breakfasts have not become the fashion.
    • Many people were put off their breakfasts on Friday morning by radio news bulletins about human and animal excrement in our drinking water.
    • To mark the departure we had a breakfast yesterday morning at Nikau just within my team.
    • All it was, it seems, was a bad pint of beer and not his breakfast on a Sunday morning.
    • Fourteen people were asked to eat a different breakfast on each of four mornings.
    • I went on to eat a light breakfast and to get my morning writing session done, then felt decidedly dozy.
    • Ellis also encourages his athletes to eat big breakfasts and light dinners.
    • The guy on duty that morning had prepared our breakfasts for us ‘take-away’, so we could have the food on the bus.
    • Luckily pseudonymous kid is a great city kid, though we had a couple of bad mornings where late breakfasts made everyone cranky and impatient.
    • After a traditional breakfast on Tuesday morning, we will set off again for Baikonur.
    • With breakfast and the pale morning sun finally starting to warm our frozen bodies, we hit the dusty track once more.
    • Many of us grew up with National Radio blaring while we had our breakfast in the mornings.
    • I was in Starbucks opposite the British Library this morning having my breakfast.
    • The two sows and piglets are are a bit annoyed this morning - their breakfast is late.
    • The shop was already open, though it was early in the morning and Höß was still eating his breakfast.

intransitive verb

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