Translation of breaking point in Spanish:

breaking point

límite, n.


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    límite masculine
    they have tried my patience to breaking point me han llevado al límite de mi paciencia
    • the soldiers were at breaking point los soldados habían llegado al límite de sus fuerzas
    • their resources are already stretched to breaking point ya han estirado sus recursos al máximo
    • I tried to get down as fast as I could, bringing my comfort level past the breaking point.
    • That information was then used to identify detainee breaking points.
    • I can look back and see my breaking points as well as the points where I started to put myself back together.
    • The people are labouring beyond their breaking points, all for nothing.
    • We all have our breaking points, and this just happened to be mine.
    • After years of barking up the wrong tree, I have reached the breaking point.
    • Those things have to be worked out, but things are getting to the breaking point.
    • The breaking point came when she heard of a big bomb blast in one of the busy markets in Delhi that her parents frequented.
    • Their unwillingness to be open and honest will be the breaking point of any decommissioning process.
    • The breaking point was when we started to control another nation.
    • He knows very well the breaking point at which people lose their patience and give him a thrashing.
    • If anything, they are likely to keep on increasing until a breaking point is reached.
    • The issues were slightly more complex than that, but that was the final breaking point really.
    • I used to consider myself a strong person but everybody has their breaking point.
    • The brutal battle raged all day as wave after wave of enemy infantry and tanks were hurled against defences strained to breaking point.
    • Can hope be discovered and sustained for those who have gone beyond their breaking point?
    • Which means, effectively, sending more people to prison at a time when our prisons are straining to breaking point.
    • We are deluged with trivial information and pointless musings which strain the patience to breaking point.
    • Women frolic, men pose and the sun scorches the sand while relationships are strained to breaking point.
    • Credibility is strained to near breaking point by incidents like this but never quite snaps.