Translation of breakout in Spanish:


fuga, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkˌaʊt/ /ˈbreɪkaʊt/


  • 1

    (from prison)
    fuga feminine
    • The escape was the second breakout from Paparua Prison this year in which a ladder was used, raising questions about how inmates can get such equipment.
    • The film is roughly based on the true story of a massive breakout from a German prison camp in Poland during World War II.
    • Around the country, prison breakouts were happening at all jails.
    • Some 38 prisoners escaped in a breakout that also resulted in the death of a prison officer and several others sustaining injuries.
    • Arrested for involvement in the murder, he was one of eight prisoners who made a spectacular breakout from prison in 1981, while on remand.
    • When there was a prison breakout by a dangerous offender in his first week on the job, the PLP said that certain people were out to discredit our national pig sty keeper.
    • All of them were wearing standard prison issue clothes, and it took Rob only a few seconds to work out that there had been a mass breakout at the prison.
    • In 1970 the FBI put her on their most wanted list, accusing her of supplying guns for a breakout from Soledad prison.
    • There had been nineteen more successful breakouts from prisons across the country.
    • For a prison breakout film to work successfully, it must have one of three things.
    • Then I learn from the newspaper that because of a recent prison breakout, a state of emergency has been declared.
    • As patriotic sansculottes were urged to join up, anxiety spread about a possible prison breakout in their absence.
    • The camps are run by a private prison company and have seen several riots, mass breakouts and suicide attempts in recent months.
    • I do agree however, that security should be boosted in many prisons to reduce the likelihood of breakouts.
    • There were breakouts from Sobibor and Treblinka.
    • There have been forced deportations, breakouts, riots and hunger strikes at the harshest ones.
    • In related news, check out this report on an animal rights zealot allegedly planning a jail breakout.
    • The protesters, who stated that they entered the camp's outer perimeter to conduct interviews with detainees, described the breakout as a spontaneous action initiated by the asylum seekers.
    • The breakout brings to 15 the number of awaiting-trial prisoners who have escaped from police holding cells in the Transkei since the weekend.
    • Tensions have been simmering since the breakout in June, when inmates marched out of the compound into the local town to publicise their grievances.
  • 2

    (by army)
    they attempted a breakout intentaron romper el cerco