Translation of bream in Spanish:


brama, n.

Pronunciation /brɪm/ /briːm/

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nounplural bream

  • 1

    (freshwater fish)
    brama feminine
    • Experts will try to net all the native carp, bream and tench in the lake and take them to a fish farm before putting the poison into the water.
    • This holds some big roach, bream, tench, rudd and carp.
    • The fish appear to be feeding hard again after the spawning season, and the other lakes in this area should also fish well, with roach, rudd, bream and some tench available to be caught.
    • On Monday, EA officers began the work of removing large native fish including tench, bream and roach from Rather Heath Tarn.
    • Carp, tench, bream and ide soon responded for a huge winning net of 106 lb 12 oz.
    • Environment Agency officers placed two oxygen pumps in the pond to stabilise it but more than 250 fish, including bream, carp, roach and tench died.
    • On the mixed lake anglers were doing well for mixed bags of tench, carp, bream and a few roach.
    • He fished pellet at three and five metres to edge ahead of a crowded frame with carp, tench, chub, bream and barbel.
    • Jenny's Pool is classed as a pleasure lake and is stocked with a great variety of fish including double figure bream, big tench, smaller catfish, carp, roach and perch.
    • They lease the lake, which is stocked with tench, bream, perch, roach and chub, from Swindon Council.
    • I continued to catch roach with the odd nice rudd, tench and bream for the next hour and a half.
    • It is no longer just roach, dace, bream with the odd perch - carp appear to be more common than in the past.
    • It is to be stocked with carp, bream, tench and ide, the carp total being twice the amount of any other species.
    • There are herring and cod in the outer archipelago, but within casting range of land the fish are mostly fresh-water - perch, bream, pike, and zander.
    • A little further afield, Maple Lake at the Oaks is good for 30 to 40 lb pleasure nets and big bags of bream, carp and tench have been taken at Oaktree Leisure at Huby.
    • Balling in chopped worm he took 14 carp, four bream and a tench for his 66-12-0.
    • Luke and pal Anthony Stringer began putting the fish - mainly carp, bream, perch and roach - in huge bins he had filled with water until help finally arrived.
    • An angler for 25 years, he will make the trip after he and Fearn finished fourth in a qualifying round on the New Junction Canal with a haul of bream, chub and roach.
    • Of the five reservoirs in question two will be for specialist fishing (carp, bream and tench) and the others for general angling.
    • Carp, tench and bream have really started to move in the last couple of days with forthcoming mating sharpening the appetite.
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    cualquier pez de la familia de los espáridos como el pargo o la dorada (saltwater fish)
    red bream besugo
    • After two hours all he's got is a tiddler bream and a silver trevally with poisonous spines.
    • Shoals of saddled bream and horse mackerel loitered mid-water.
    • I was heartened to also see good concentrations of dentex bream, the northern Mediterranean's equivalent of the barracuda.
    • The quality of the dentex is almost as good as that of the gilt-head bream and it is in keen demand.
    • I tackled up for pike mainly with mackerel tails, perch and smelt, and had a box of worms and sweetcorn to liven up the action for smaller species such as bream and skimmer bream, roach or perch.
    • In winter it was fantastic fishing roach, chub, silver bream and slabs with the odd barbel and carp.
    • Hake, red bream, tuna, Dover sole, and monkfish are the favourites, but anchovies, sardines and mackerel are also very much appreciated in the Basque Country.
    • Everywhere around the margins there were shoal fish, creatures almost identical to skimmer bream and roach.
    • For an Anglicised version of this curry, use firm-fleshed fish with a good bony head such as black bream, grey mullet and gurnard, to help make the stock rich.