Translation of breast in Spanish:


pecho, n.

Pronunciation /brɛst/


  • 1

    pecho masculine
    she clasped the child to her breast apretó al niño contra su pecho
    • to make a clean breast of sth confesar algo
    • he made a clean breast of it lo confesó todo
    • The growth can invade local tissues of the breast and chest wall as well as spread through the blood and lymphatic systems.
    • She sat on the back seat, pressing the envelope to her breast.
    • When he woke up, he found Maria sound asleep on his breast.
    • Thinking to comfort her love, Seraph sat and cradled Heart to her breast, combing her hair to calm her.
    • The parts of the body I mentioned most often were hand and breast, usually one on the other.
  • 2

    (of woman)
    pecho masculine
    seno masculine
    breast cancer cáncer de mama / de pecho
    • All had terminal cancer of the breast, lung, gastrointestinal system or prostate gland.
    • You may notice pink, red or purple streaks along your abdomen, breasts, upper arms, buttocks or thighs.
    • The most researched cancers are those of the bowel, breast, endometrium, prostate, testes, and lung.
    • Site-specific increases were noted for cancers of the breast, stomach, lung/larynx, and ovary.
    • Many organs in the body make ducts, including the breasts, liver, pancreas, salivary glands and eyes.
    • Female breasts physiologically are mammary glands, designed to convey nourishment to newborn babies.
    • Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in women, after cancer of the breast and colorectal cancer.
    • And there's also some big news on the breast cancer fight front tonight.
    • The breasts enlarge as the milk ducts and milk-producing cells develop.
    • She shook her upper body, her breasts swinging.
    • The physical reality is that women's breasts sag with childbirth and age, something that is unpreventable.
    • Korean women usually do not pump their breast or store milk.
    • Once your baby stops nursing, your breast milk will slowly dry up.
    • Almost all medicines for depression can pass into your breast milk.
    • Talk to your doctor about which medications might effect your breast milk.
    • Some would argue that the only real function of the breast is to provide milk for the newborn.
    • On examination a discrete lump was felt in the upper half of the breast.
    • After the menopause, breasts may feel softer and less lumpy.
    • It may also affect other areas of the body, particularly the elbows and the areas around the breasts.
    • The blanket was only just barely covering her breasts, and he cast his eyes aside immediately.
  • 3

    (of chicken, turkey)
    pechuga feminine
    breast of lamb pecho de cordero
    • The young birds' breasts showed orange now as they looked hungrily to her, their eyes black and empty.
    • Then it preened its scaly breast feathers with a wide beak.
    • Be sure that it is the native pigeon, a large bird with white plumage on its breast.
    • I also recommend that once the chick is weaned and independent, a microchip identification be placed into the breast muscle of the bird.
    • He lets go of the bird, touching its breast for a heartbeat.
    • He reached up and stroked her breast feathers with one finger and smiled, a pained look on his face forming.
    • The passenger pigeon was an attractive bird with a blue back and a pink breast that existed in huge populations.
    • The brooch was a jeweled bird of paradise with a large sapphire forming the bird's breast.
    • The bird related the dragon's weak spot over his left breast.
    • By now the bird's breast and legs are a brilliant shade of rose-pink.
    • Then the brilliant crimson breast of an iiwi bird darts into view.
    • A newborn rosie somewhat resembles a gray-speckled trout, with only a hint of the trademark pink breast.
    • Then for my entree: boneless fried chicken breasts, sweet potato fries, and noodle kugel.
    • Plus, tuna has virtually zero saturated fat, which you can't say about red meat or even a breast of chicken.
    • Season remaining three chicken breasts with salt and white pepper.
    • I was ordering pallets full of skirt steaks and chicken breasts.
    • Trim the chicken breasts and remove the tenderloins.
    • Separate skin from meat on breast and back of chicken.
    • On my first visit, I enjoyed a roasted breast of chicken served with mashed potatoes shot through with truffle oil and fresh morels.
    • She suggests you eat fish and lean cuts of meat, such as skinless chicken and turkey breasts.
    • Next, season the bird all over with salt and pepper, and lay the bacon over the breast with the rashers overlapping each other.
    • Carve the legs into slices and cut the breast into fillets.
    • Pheasant has virtually no fat so you will need to put fat bacon over its breast.
    • Place breast and dark meat slices into labeled freezer bags.
    • The food is excellent, and you cannot visit here without trying the duck breast.
    • She probably eats sandwiches that aren't pressed turkey breast on white bread with mayonnaise as well.
    • Our medium-size meal, based on an easy-to-roast turkey breast, is inspired by Persian flavors.
    • Top each breast with one-quarter-cup sauce and three-quarter-ounce cheese.
    • Starting the bird breast down, then turning it over to brown, didn't keep the meat any moister.
    • Bruises on the birds' breasts and legs are something to watch out for, they can turn the flesh bitter.
    • Remove the bacon from the birds' breasts and return them to the oven for 5 minutes.
    • The goal in cooking a turkey is to get your bird cooked and beautifully browned without drying out the breast.
  • 4

    (of jacket, coat)
    delantera feminine
    breast pocket bolsillo superior
    • She had half expected him to display the garment in the breast pocket of his jacket.
    • The seven-year-old buried her head in Debbie's pajamas, soaking the breast pocket of her shirt.
    • He stuffed his sunglasses into the breast pocket of his shirt as his eyes searched for her.
    • They wore navy blue brimmed caps that matched the double breast pocket long sleeve uniforms they wore.
    • He was dressed casually, wearing khaki cargo pants, a dark blue tee shirt with a single breast pocket, and brown hiking boots.
    • I move them up to my breast pocket, letting them poke out just a little, like a handkerchief.
    • Tight tops with short sleeves and breast pocket is detracting from your figure.
    • She stuffs it into the breast pocket of his sports jacket.
    • Donna rolled her eyes and snatched her sunglasses out of her breast pocket with a quick, skinny hand.
    • He is dressed in leisure clothes, a neat logo on the breast pocket of his shirt.
    • He picked up the bottle and shoved it into the breast pocket of his shirt, which lay crumpled on the night stand.
    • Their badges were clipped on the left side of their shirts just above the breast pockets.
    • He removed a pen tucked into his breast pocket and clicked it a few times.
    • It is best known for the laurel logo on the left breast of polo-style shirts.
    • Much clothing carries a clear indication of its trade origin in internal labels commonly on the neck-band or inside the breast.
    • The school emblem on the left breast pocket and on the right sleeve looked classy together.
    • There was a fake I.D. badge clipped to the lapel and the requisite pens in the breast pocket.
    • Staten put down what he was carrying and put the bill in the breast pocket of his tweed jacket.
    • The stranger was adorning a special emblem on each breast and shoulder.
    • Golden silk was embroidered on the shoulders and the guild sign of the moon was placed on the left breast.
  • 5chimney breast

    campana (de la chimenea) feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (waves/waters) arrostrar literary
    • It turned out to be the highlight of the expedition, the day they breasted the icecap.
    • As the first rays of the sun breasted the peak of the mountain, the enemy slowed.
    • The train made the climb and breasted the summit at a virtually steady 60 mph.
    • Once I breasted the summit ridge a cold blast of wind hit me.
    • On the Potomac, swan-white power launches keep breasting the sulphurous wave.
    • Two huge English gals with shoulders like walruses breasted the waves in perfect unison.
    • He breasted the finish line in five hours and two minutes.
    • Gripping his crooked staff, the wizard breasted the gasps of indignation and began speaking in a powerful voice.
    • It was the same feeling he had when breasting the traffic - a swimmer plunging into the crest of a wave would know what he meant.
  • 2

    (slope/hill) coronar literary