Translation of breathable in Spanish:


respirable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbriðəb(ə)l/ /ˈbriːðəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of the air)
    • I want to try and get breathable air over there and make sure the med lab hasn't detected anything dangerous.
    • Despite the planet's bleak look, our surveyor scouts believe there is breathable air there.
    • ‘The air is breathable outside,’ he said and stood up.
    • Stairway doors, normally closed, stood ajar, with signs that read ‘Keep this door open [increases flow of breathable air]’.
    • Inside I saw the reason for the lack of breathable air.
    • I took off after her again, my lack of breathable air forgotten.
    • Smoking is a privilege while clean, breathable air is a right.
    • I was too busy trying to suck in breathable air to fight back.
    • Home for her meant colour, breathable air, people and places she knew.
    • It had nice trees, small children playing without any fear, the air was breathable, and the sun could be seen.
    • He was still unconscious, but his face was no longer blue, since breathable air had started to flow in from the hall.
    • She staggered out onto the balcony, dizzy, and searching for breathable air.
    • The stale smell of the station hit him suddenly, but it was breathable air.
    • Near the northern and southern poles, the air was perfectly breathable.
    • Sophia felt as if someone had just sucked out all breathable air from the room.
    • The dust was thick and the air was barely breathable.
    • With all of the plant life destroyed, making a more breathable atmosphere would take a little longer.
    • The atmosphere's breathable, though a little thin.
    • A mist began rising from the edges where wall met floor, choking out the breathable atmosphere.
    • The atmosphere is thin but breathable and the air temperature is approximately 10 degrees Celsius.
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    (of clothes)