Translation of breather in Spanish:


respiro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbriðər/ /ˈbriːðə/


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    respiro masculine
    descanso masculine
    why don't you take / have a breather? ¿por qué no te tomas un respiro / descanso?
    • We stopped to take a breather after playing one-on-one for an hour.
    • I stopped to take a breather as the picture on the screen changed.
    • They ran for a good hour before Michi stopped to take a breather.
    • None of them shoot more than a few rounds before taking a breather - leaving them open to more than a few bullets.
    • Satisfied, we stopped to take a breather and admire our hard determination, or lack thereof.
    • I stop to take a breather, before looking up in to the lights of an oncoming snowmobile.
    • She did a few laps, and then at one end of the pool, stopped to take a breather and relax.
    • Her eyes were brimmed with tears and she fled out of the house to school not stopping once to take a breather.
    • Let's take a breather, because this is not fair.
    • Just don't forget to take a breather now and then, OK?
    • I just wish somebody would trust us so we could get off the ground and she could take a breather.
    • ‘I love to do big, long rides on my single-speed,’ she says as we take a breather.
    • Luckily, I'm able to momentarily escape and take a breather.
    • Coming out here for a few years and teaching was almost like taking a breather.
    • And when you take a breather, you find yourself walking the routes that people walked 800 years ago.
    • Take a breather from paying interest: get a 0% card!
    • I needed to take a breather after each concerto.
    • But at the moment I think it needs to take a breather.
    • I suppose that we should take a breather for now, after all we shouldn't sit around worrying or we'll go crazy.
    • You've climbed about 500 feet now, so take a breather on the ridge.