Translation of breathing space in Spanish:

breathing space

respiro, n.


  • 1

    respiro masculine
    the bank gave the company a breathing space el banco le dio un respiro a la compañía
    • It was meant to be a one-day pause to give the banks a breathing space but the shut down is now going to last all week.
    • Another insight she imparts is that anti-depressants don't work for everyone, but they can give a person breathing space.
    • I sat down and watched the world go by, feeling the panic melt, or, more accurately, the new breathing space it freed up as it left.
    • A breathing space or a period to reflect might sometimes be a wise precaution before final conclusions.
    • We now have the breathing space to get this policy right and achieve agreement on the best way forward.
    • Transferring a £2,000 debt to a 0% card could save you up to £500 and give you a valuable breathing space.
    • Finally, many cards also offer 0% on purchases for an introductory period, which gives you a valuable breathing space.
    • The breathing space will give them a chance to recharge their batteries.
    • The breathing space this gave Fighter Command was crucial.
    • As she spoke she was amazed to feel some of the tension ebbing from her, giving her a little breathing space.
    • He has now been granted a breathing space which he must use to improve his party's languishing poll ratings.
    • This gives you a breathing space to reorganise your finances and make inroads into paying off your plastic burden.
    • The calendar of the local agricultural year provided slaves with a breathing space.
    • For those with fewer resources, a personal loan provides a breathing space.
    • This interest-free breathing space is a great opportunity to throw money at your debt and kill it off faster.
    • But I do need this break, some breathing space to rediscover myself, my joy and happiness.
    • Now I'm conscious of it and if I have six appointments I cancel three to get some breathing space.
    • There's not a lot of breathing space, and if there were we'd feel oddly impatient.
    • People have to compete with each other for elbow room and breathing space, both of which are in short supply.
    • I think it would be best if we took a break from each other, you know, get some breathing space.