Translation of breathlessly in Spanish:


entrecortadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθləsli/


  • 1

    we breathlessly await news of him esperamos ansiosamente noticias de él
    • He caught up to Sue, who was in fainting fits, and put her on the bed, after which he breathlessly summoned the landlady and ran out for a doctor.
    • The girl raced breathlessly away to reach her camp before the bell rang for "lights out."
    • It's not that there are fewer hours in the day; the problem is that so much of our time is spent racing around breathlessly.
    • One of the kids runs up to the group and announces breathlessly: "Mom is making rich, chocolately Ovaltine!"
    • One evening, a boy ran into our kitchen, gabbling breathlessly that a tiger had entered the cowshed and killed a goat.
    • The first shot we get of the title character is his puffing breathlessly across a rooftop, face buggy-eyed.
    • I ran breathlessly through the tide of darkness swiftly rolling in, and slowly the stalker melted away.
    • The artist danced animatedly, even breathlessly, to the lyrics of aggressive nationalism.
    • He told me that a doctor was needed and rushed me breathlessly back up the hill.
    • In salsa, women are spun breathlessly around their men, and in some moves lift their skirts in the air.