Translation of breathy in Spanish:


entrecortado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθi/

adjective breathier, breathiest

  • 1

    (voice) entrecortado
    • The voice may sound breathy, raspy, strained and rough in quality.
    • At that moment, I absolutely hated how breathy my voice sounded.
    • I asked, noticing the breathy sound to my voice that I had not meant to be there.
    • My voice was so low and breathy it sounded more affectionate than was meant.
    • Here he laughed a little, but it was a strange laugh; breathy and not at all happy-sounding.
    • After Leslie let out a breathy laugh, I heard a knock on the doorframe and looked over my shoulder.
    • She heard him let out a tiny, breathy laugh, and her heart sank.
    • But no sound came from them, only a small breathy gasp echoed pathetically around the large kitchen.
    • This British babe's breathy vocals are instantly refreshing.
    • Speaking in a breathy tone, Faith says ‘Your divorce must have been so painful.’
    • I held them aloft, closed my eyes, turned my face to the heavens, and exhaled a breathy YES!
    • Patty's breathy vocals will have you wanting to slow dance in the foothills of West Virginia.
    • She tilts her head in coy emulation and goes all breathy.
    • There is something breathy in the way she says this, a catch in the throat.
    • Her breathy vocals are unsettling, her glacial detachment lazy and too often irritating.
    • Her voice was more breathy than she would have liked.
    • Her sigh, breathy and almost wistful, was edged with relief.
    • Regaining the ability to speak, her voice came out breathy.
    • The creature's voice was very breathy but deep and scratchy.
    • We were escorted to our seats by a breathy young hostess.