Translation of breed in Spanish:


raza, n.

Pronunciation /brid/ /briːd/

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    (of animals) raza feminine
    (of plants) variedad feminine
    a new breed of athletes/managers una nueva generación de atletas/directivos
    • a new breed of warships un nuevo género de barcos de guerra
    • This text would be very applicable for an introductory course in animal breeds, selection, evaluation and judging.
    • I would point out that we have special breeds of animals that we bred for hundreds of years.
    • In the section for cattle, about 600 stud animals of 15 different breeds and 16 slaughter steers have been entered.
    • As someone who supports rare breeds and animal welfare, I'll have to side with PETA on this one.
    • It's one way of keeping yourself up-to-date on what's happening, especially with a plant breed.
    • The quantity and quality of fats in traditional animal breeds varies, too.
    • Most calves in Britain are cross-breds with blood from both native and continental breeds.
    • Rankings for purebred producers are useful within respective breeds.
    • This should also be true of cattle within the same breed.
    • Furthermore, since humans have been in New Zealand, many breeds of native flora and fauna have become extinct.
    • He wrestles crocodiles and captures all breeds of dangerous animals for a living.
    • Even so, some dogs within these breeds bark more than they should, some more than others.
    • These values enhance the accuracy of selection decisions by establishing the relative genetic value of a sire within a breed.
    • We talked about the breed species and of its culture.
    • Each steer within a breed group was randomly assigned a number between one and four.
    • They went to great lengths to find the most powerful of each animal breed, and take a fang from their mouths.
    • The origin of the Maltese as a distinct breed has never been precisely determined.
    • Once you decide which breed you'd like to raise, what kind of facilities will you need?
    • Regardless of what breed you choose, or where it comes from, ALL dogs need training.
    • Once you decide which breed you want, you will need to consider the age of the dog.

transitive verb bred, bred

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    (animals) criar
    this stable has bred many champions de esta cuadra han salido muchos campeones
    • they are breeding a new type of wheat están desarrollando el cultivo de un nuevo tipo de trigo
    • Most leeks can be harvested for use as baby leeks, but some varieties are bred for culinary appeal as baby leeks.
    • Hybrid seeds, on the other hand, are bred for qualities such as longevity or disease resistance.
    • Many seed catalogs feature varieties that are bred for small size plots - and organic too!
    • All commercial potato varieties grown in North America are bred for low levels of solanine.
    • Those currently being used were bred for forage production.
    • One would expect the Chinook, which was bred for function, not form, to be free of genetic disease.
    • The horses this elite group invested in were bred for beauty, intelligence, strength, and speed.
    • Thus, the sheepdogs developed for use on the islands were bred for agility, brains and speed.
    • One of the oldest breeds, the lizard canary, is bred for the spangled effect of its feathers.
    • To make the process more precise, plant varieties are often bred to express a limited range of traits.
    • The best kind of bees is the bumble bee, which are bred for their speed and noise.
    • They are bred for power, speediness, and stamina though height somehow made itself known within their pedigree.
    • It follows that if you want an authentic border collie, you must get one that was bred for livestock work.
    • Dumb and silent, they are bred for domestic tasks or field work.
    • The cattle were bred for endurance, the method deemed best for inducing marbling.
    • Commonly, these also had a snake nursery where snakes were bred for use for the healing ceremonies.
    • Dogs are bred for profit only, and there is virtually no concern for the health or emotional well-being of these animals.
    • She could try to outrun them, but their horses were bred for endurance in this desert land.
    • Being bred for companionship they need it as well.
    • Dachshunds were originally bred to go down badger holes and kill badgers.
    • Cows were bred to Brangus bulls during the 60-d breeding season, with 1 bull per 18 cows.
    • Hereford sires were bred to Angus and MARC III cows.
    • Mules, animals that result from breeding a male donkey with a female horse, are usually sterile.
    • Researchers bred mice and monitored their offspring for DNA mutations passed through the sperm of the father.
    • The dog was bred to another one of the dogs on his farm.
    • Researchers planned to breed the chickens and study their offspring.
    • Cows are bred, calves are produced and animals are sold off the farm.
    • These little tiny innocent mice were bred at my facility for generation studies in some experiments.
    • Most farmers breed pigs, sheep, and dairy cattle, from which they obtain meat, wool, milk, cheese, and butter.
    • Andre says her next steps are to try to breed the species and eventually release some back into the wild.
    • For to breed the dog would be to cause a worse-off rather than a better-off individual to exist.
    • You can also breed your dogs, and either keep them or sell the puppies to your friends via link up.
    • I noticed the horse was bred in the palace as it was the pure white colour only royal horses had.
    • One does not need Stonehenge to know when to plant seeds or when to breed cattle.
    • They also told him that they were breeding Bride in Blue to Seattle Slew.
    • If she is bred, I won't be able to ride her for quite some time.
    • He had the burnished-copper eye color that she had been seeking, so she bred him to one of her best Burmese females.
    • He was bred between the strongest and fastest horses of the desert.
    • In the spring, she had plans to breed him with Snow.
    • He added, looking down at the mare, ‘She is about four years old, and this Spring should be bred for the first time.’
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    (raise, educate)
    the country breeds good athletes el país produce buenos atletas
    • we breed them tough in these parts los hacemos machotes por aquí
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    (disease/despair/violence) engendrar
    (disease/despair/violence) generar
    success breeds success el éxito llama al éxito
    • Naturally, I concluded that athletic success bred confidence that carries through into professional life.
    • Or could it be that beauty breeds fame and success?
    • Usually, success breeds envy and resentment, but we've stayed good friends.
    • As you mentioned, success breeds competition.
    • And so in a sense success breeds its own failure.
    • In television, more than any other business, success breeds imitation.
    • In fact, ‘success’ has similarly bred disaster.
    • Put very crudely, familiarity and success bred scepticism and contempt.
    • Our local practices breed complacency and led us to take shortcuts.
    • It breeds resentment, and often leads to increased violence and serious abuse.
    • What are the general factors that breed terrorism?
    • Effective communication in the employee-supervisor relationship breeds trust and better understanding.
    • As she saw it, even occasional laziness breeds disaster.
    • Openness means equality; it breeds fairness which results in strength.
    • Such experience bred self-reliance and general hardiness among the settlers.
    • When addressing creativity, the general rule is quantity breeds quality!
    • Success breeds success and the entire animation category needs a boost these days.
    • It breeds an atmosphere of competition which has, over time, become hostility.
    • Collusion in under-age drinking starts at home and adult abuse breeds imitation’.
    • This is not a track record that breeds confidence.

intransitive verb bred, bred

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    • There are, he says, at least 200 different species of bacteria breeding feverishly behind your lips.
    • Some Australian bird species or parrot species will breed quite happily here in captivity.
    • And they also believe that the creatures are breeding in our countryside.
    • One thing he had not been able to figure out was how the creatures bred.
    • At remote Point Bennett on San Miguel, seals and sea lions breed and pup in spectacular numbers.
    • The current roster has more than 50 stallions breeding on five continents.
    • But can so much really rest on the fortunes of 58 species of butterfly breeding in Britain?
    • Did you know men cows will never breed with the same cow twice.
    • One should also remember that cattle breed once per year, or sometimes not at all.
    • A captive pair of wounded, flightless eagles had bred and produced an egg, something that almost never happens.
    • Keep manure dry, since wet manure promotes fly pest breeding and inhibits beneficial insect breeding.
    • The tiger breeds very easily, even in captivity.
    • Birds might breed there, but in fact the reproduction success is not high enough to maintain the population.
    • Larvae breed in woodland pools filled by melting snows or by spring rains.
    • Now that does seem like a lot, but these birds breed at an incredibly slow rate, with an incredibly low rate of juvenile success.
    • California red-legged frogs breed in aquatic habitats such as streams, ponds, marshes, and stock ponds.
    • These birds breed primarily on coastal beaches from southern Washington to southern Baja California, Mexico.
    • Bored pet owners released them and the birds bred.
    • If the predator breeds faster than the prey, eventually the predators run out of food and starve.
    • Flies can breed in infected faeces and contaminate food.
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    (despair/violence) surgir
    (despair/violence) generarse