Translation of breeder in Spanish:


criador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbridər/ /ˈbriːdə/


  • 1

    (of animals) criador masculine
    (of animals) criadora feminine
    (of plants) cultivador masculine
    (of plants) cultivadora feminine
    • Then they can make the genetic material available to nurseries and plant breeders.
    • While genetic diversity may not be the first concern for most farmers, it is for plant breeders and scientists.
    • Plant breeders changed the crop into one grown primarily for the oil and protein in its seed.
    • Argentine seed law prohibits the sale of uncertified seeds in an effort to protect intellectual property rights of plant breeders.
    • The collection's primary users are plant breeders and scientists.
    • In the future, the lab's work with hormones and genetics may help ranchers and breeders help their heifers even more.
    • And their color range keeps expanding as plant breeders give more attention to these up-and-coming perennials.
    • In recent years, breeders have developed plants that bear large crops of big, tasty berries.
    • The announcement that badger culling is ‘not viable’ has frustrated, if not angered, cattle breeders in the UK.
    • And larger birth weight is exactly what beef cattle breeders had sought.
    • Galaxy has now been offered to growers and breeders, and is suitable for both commercial and backyard use.
    • Others were generously submitted by farmers and breeders who found them in their fields.
    • Livestock breeders support the gene bank initiative and believe it is the only way forward.
    • The new technique will not be used by thoroughbred racehorse breeders.
    • However, some breeders just breed birds for the sake of earning money.
    • That's why conscientious breeders do not let kittens leave home until they have reached four months of age.
    • Expert breeders will keep their puppies for as long as four to five months before sending them on to new homes.
    • Thus, buying puppy from a breeder who screens all breeding stock for inherited problems is a must.
    • With any bird, however, I'd recommend breeders over pet stores.
    • However, we discourage people from buying animals from so-called responsible breeders too.
    • Second, I cannot believe that the breeders ' puppies were more expensive than a pet store.
  • 2

    reproductor masculine
    reproductora feminine
    • In animals which are seasonal breeders prolactin shows a seasonal rhythm.
    • Most reports indicated that treatment could increase the pregnancy rates of repeat breeders compared with controls.
    • Rhesus monkeys are seasonal breeders.
    • Halibut over 200-300 lbs are female breeders which don't have the best flesh for eating.
    • If female broiler breeders are fed ad libitum then egg production and hatchability are poor.
  • 3also breeder reactor

    reactor reproductor masculine