Traducción de breeding en Español:


reproducción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbridɪŋ/ /ˈbriːdɪŋ/

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  • 1

    reproducción femenino
    breeding season época de cría
    • In both cases the result is assortative mating or breeding among mates that possess similar genes.
    • They possess fully-functional reproductive systems, showing that they are capable of normal breeding.
    • The lives of innumerable other animals that rely on oak woodlands during migration or breeding could be disrupted.
    • Some geneticists and population viability experts suggest 300 to 400 breeding females are needed.
    • As soon as breeding is completed, whelping pens are prepared for kits.
    • They do not have complete knowledge of breeding and rearing young parrots.
    • This results in higher competition for scarce breeding and foraging resources.
    • They occur in small bachelor herds or in breeding herds consisting of male and female with young.
    • Sanitation is at least 75 percent of the fly control program preventing fly breeding.
    • Water management that prevents mosquito breeding is essential for effective control.
    • Water management to prevent mosquito breeding is essential for effective control.
    • The study was concluded at the end of the breeding season each year.
    • We allow only the 50% fittest crows to survive before the breeding season starts.
    • This would provide a breeding area for fish and other marine life, enhancing the biological and economic productivity of the sea.
    • Finding and eliminating breeding places is an important first step in control.
  • 2

    (of animals) cría femenino
    (of plants) cultivo masculino
    (cow/pig) (before noun) reproductor
  • 3

    a man/woman of breeding un hombre/una mujer con clase / de buena cuna
    • politeness is a sign of good breeding la cortesía es señal de buena educación / de buena crianza