Translation of breezy in Spanish:


ventoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrizi/ /ˈbriːzi/

adjective breezier, breeziest

  • 1

    (spot) ventoso
    it was pleasantly breezy corría / soplaba una agradable brisa
    • a bit breezy today, isn't it? hace un poco de vientecito hoy ¿no?
    • I mean, it was slightly windy and breezy a moment ago.
    • He usually works in this breezy location, which, unfortunately, he cannot afford to connect to the electricity grid.
    • Buy charcoal to take advantage of campsite grills, and bring a warm layer for evenings that can drop to a breezy 60 degrees.
    • ‘There's great waves, quite ferocious,’ said Scott in admiration of it's breezy climate.
    • The day was really lovely… hot, clear and breezy enough to be comfortable.
    • We pass into the protected anchorage between two postcard-perfect islands, all white sand and breezy palms.
    • Summers at Valley Forge are miserably hot and sticky - not at all like the breezy cool of the Kenyan highlands.
    • You can burn spring, summer, winter, and fall - don't be fooled by cold, breezy or overcast days.
    • But bring a jacket because it does tend to get breezy up there after dark.
    • On a nice breezy day in the Canyon, it could feel pretty good to feel clammy, so cotton would be a wise move.
    • The day of our final began like every other day in Greece, cloudless, breezy and hot.
    • The breezy, colourful days of fall are well past, but winter is still hanging on the periphery.
    • One of the problems the group faces is that the Waterloo region isn't very breezy.
    • Old men in shorts and vests played chess in a breezy pavilion as families surged across a twee, humped bridge.
    • The second peak requires more climbing, but our reward is a breezy pagoda overlooking the city.
    • In the main restaurant you can choose to dine in the cosy formal room or on the breezy balcony.
    • We were still dazed from a horribly early start, in spite of the breezy boat ride.
    • But little did I know that this breezy, autumn day was to change my life forever…
    • But not just any day - make sure it's a bright, sunny, warm, breezy day so you can get outside and enjoy yourself.
    • After finishing their breakfast, Chris suggested going to the park, since it was sunny and breezy, the perfect weather.
  • 2

    • 2.1informal (lively)

      (person) dinámico
      (smile/greeting) alegre y simpático
      • Her tone was breezy and carefree, pushing him towards the office door.
      • We hope you enjoy what is designed to be an easy, breezy feature.
      • This is an ugly movie - which kind of detracts from the breezy, sunny tone it strives for.
      • The documentary offers more information, but the commentary is so fun and so breezy that it is tough to dismiss.
      • And, for the most part, they sound as fresh and breezy as they ever did.
      • Francis, with her breezy assurance and fabulous social-baritone voice, co-hosted the show.
      • Nevertheless, it's an amusing 200-odd pages, bright and breezy and bubbling with imagination and enthusiasm.
      • Short and breezy, with no chapter longer than 13 pages and devoid of citations, it makes for a fast-paced narrative.
      • It is the breezy, figurative style of his posters and paintings that is especially engaging.
      • This is a breezy, delightfully witty movie, which examines human relationships.
      • The British equestrian magazine has several columnists with bright and breezy styles.
      • However, while amusing and breezy, it is rarely laugh-out-loud funny.
      • Still, this is bright and breezy entertainment.
      • Speaking from his Soho office, Morris is brusque and breezy.
      • Still, the film exhilarates and has the breezy hipster tone that these filmmakers are gradually perfecting.
      • He showed a breezy confidence on stage, yucking up the funny lines and situations of the pieces he sang.
      • She's bright and breezy, but the odd cadence slips in that seems to suggest she doesn't suffer fools gladly.
      • But it is nicely breezy and quite enjoyable to watch, made so largely by the performances.
      • It's a sloppy production, including neither an index nor a table of contents, and after a while his breezy style grates.
      • If her phrasing seemed breezy before, it's almost effortless on the new disc.
      • ‘Look at me, child,’ came a breezy reply, the voice lulling and gentle.

    • 2.2(nonchalant)