Translation of brevity in Spanish:


brevedad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛvədi/ /ˈbrɛvɪti/


  • 1formal

    brevedad feminine
    • The one factor in the movie's favor is its brevity - only 81 minutes, including credits.
    • So, in the interest of brevity, here's a quick rundown of what sucked.
    • Its refreshing brevity of ten minutes made it a convenient apéritif for the concerto to follow.
    • The number and brevity of the scenes also present problems.
    • In the interest of brevity (here as well as in my initial post) I use these terms loosely.
    • Considered as a whole, the seams do show cuts were made in the interests of brevity.
    • But in the interest of brevity I now leave this short summary as it is.
    • Its only saving grace was its brevity - 78 minutes that crawled by like the Hundred Years' War.
    • In spite of its brevity, it still remains a fine specimen of how a group of fragmentary ideas can be moulded into a unified whole.
    • Its brevity and limited depth really hurts, rather than helps it.
    • The brevity of the short film format, sadly, undermines the good intentions of the filmmakers.
    • Conversely, the shorter numbers are often stifling in their brevity.
    • Indeed, the only thing particularly remarkable about the story is it relative brevity.
    • In the interest of brevity, we decided to reduce the initial item pool.
    • This is a haunting and powerful piece, all the more effective for its relative brevity.
    • We're not showing the output for reasons of brevity, but you could try it on your own.
    • If there was one thing that disappointed me it was the apparent brevity of the show.
    • The movie's brevity (it's only two hours long) thus comes as a relief.
    • He did so with an ability, clarity and, given the mass of material, brevity for which we both thank and commend him.
    • The brevity of the counseling intervention may have been insufficient to affect change.
  • 2

    brevedad feminine
    concisión feminine
    • A customer who responds positively to a cleverly worded e-mail may prefer brevity and clarity in voice mail messages.
    • By its brevity, that one word expands to fill the scene, and remains as an indelible memory.
    • Imagine the exclamatory brevity that space travel writing might bring.
    • We have condensed the ideas into our own words, for the sake of brevity and clarity.
    • Men talk about facts and want clarity and brevity.
    • I'd say that is because it is a model of brevity and clarity.
    • And the first lesson all journalists should learn is that brevity - clear, tight writing - is key.
    • Strengths of the book are its brevity, the lively, incisive writing, and the authors' willingness to take a stand.
    • Jin does not endow his protagonist with high powers of lyricism, brevity or a particularly happy ending.
    • In the interests, I imagine, of brevity, those last two words have been omitted in later editions.
    • The need for brevity made Lincoln pack a great deal into few words.
    • He searched for the right words to relay this information with brevity.
    • It benefits from its clear writing style, its many examples, and its brevity.
    • The initial sections are tight little vignettes whose brevity lends them a narrative crispness.
    • This brevity and intensity of focus leads to a succinct cinematic statement.
    • In spite of its brevity, it is the most comprehensive summary listing that I have seen in print.
    • None of this is compromised for the sake of brevity.
    • This election campaign, which thanks to its brevity has been heated from the start, is not going to the strategists' plans.
    • He explains, Americans are conditioned to equate visual brevity with success and power.
    • There were other items in the agreement that have been omitted for brevity.
    • The 900-page books aside, we applaud brevity, speed and quick thinking.