Translation of brickbat in Spanish:


diatriba, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪkˌbæt/ /ˈbrɪkbat/


  • 1

    (critical comment)
    diatriba feminine
    crítica feminine
    brickbats and bouquets diatribas y flores
    • As an album, it's slightly better than the kneejerk brickbats would have you believe.
    • I'm always happy to hear from readers, whether they're delivering brickbats, bouquets or news tip-offs.
    • It was the subject of appreciation and brickbats; of Letters to the Editor and newspaper cartoons.
    • His career has suffered and he has received many brickbats and few bouquets.
    • The company will have to do much better than this, if it is to avoid brickbats and lawsuits in the future.
  • 2dated

    cascote masculine
    • The park was a chaos of frenzied movement, bodies launching over the fence, brickbats and clubs swinging.
    • She wore outfits of bright green, and hurled arguments about like brickbats.
    • We'd nip at the opposing forces heels, dodging their boots and fists, not to mention brickbats and clubs.
    • Others hurled brickbats supplied to them by boys who had mounted a wall.