Translation of bricklayer in Spanish:


albañil, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪkˌleɪər/ /ˈbrɪkleɪə/


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    albañil masculine
    • Once the bricklayer and mason contractor leave the job, it is important to protect the completed masonry.
    • The structure was subsequently built by the London bricklayer and the plasterer.
    • After leaving school at 16 he trained as a bricklayer and plasterer.
    • He was a keen bricklayer and built a treble garage with a pitched roof and cavity walls.
    • A bricklayer may use muriatic acid to clean up floor surfaces when he completes the floor.
    • But learning to ride a wave requires a methodical bricklayer's approach.
    • It's still cheaper to use bricklayers but prefabricated is now an option.
    • Items recorded in the journals included wages paid to carpenters, bricklayers and other construction workers.
    • Good bricklayers are highly skilled craftspeople.
    • What happened was a skilled bricklayer simply laid another brick, with mortar applied, onto a growing wall.
    • Strikes by bricklayers have also accelerated the trend, as builders seek ways to ensure construction completion dates.
    • Some future school construction workers will be saved the awful fate of the bricklayer I saw die.
    • From all accounts, they are still used by Italian bricklayers and others in the building trades.
    • The Air Service shipped some 3,000 carpenters, bricklayers, and laborers to England to prepare these facilities.
    • Those who were the most likely beneficiaries - bricklayers, painters, laborers - voted heavily in favor.
    • Some urban Kurds work as bricklayers, butchers, cattle dealers, and small traders.
    • One of them told us, ‘If that's art, hereafter I'm a bricklayer.’
    • Maybe I'll be a bricklayer, but at least I'll be doing something I want to do.
    • By comparison, the rate for a bricklayer was almost four shillings a day.
    • He was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and began his working life as a bricklayer.