Translation of bridle in Spanish:


brida, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbraɪdl/ /ˈbrʌɪd(ə)l/

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  • 1

    brida feminine

intransitive verb

  • 1

    torcer el gesto
    to bridle at sth molestarse por algo

transitive verb

  • 1 literary

    domeñar literary
    • Some-one please bridle this infamous brute, before it is too late!
    • These symbols of solidarity circumscribe the Amish world and bridle the forces of assimilation.
    • But he hoped that they would be bridled: ‘We can control them,’ he said.
    • Now, will you allow yourself to be saddled and bridled?
    • Phyllis was motivated by vindictiveness; others bridled and saddled men for profit.
  • 2

    (horse) embridar
    (horse) ponerle la brida a
    • Saddling and bridling a horse would be a subject of its own and I will certainly follow up.
    • Maxim had already saddled and bridled both their horses and was waiting patiently.
    • They learn to saddle and bridle the horse, to brush and feed them, and to clean the stall.
    • He saddled and bridled Ebony, untied the halter, and led his horse carefully through the trees.
    • There, she found her horse, bridled him, and jumped to his back, not even bothering about a saddle.
    • Katy suddenly forgot she was now supposed to be bridling her horse.
    • In the yard a tangle of horses were being bridled and arranged in rough rows.
    • I'm the only one who can saddle or bridle him without trouble.
    • She bridled Lady and led both horses out into the rain.
    • After letting the others go, Faye held the one remaining horse's head while her companion bridled him.
    • In the back, behind the inn, their horses were waiting, already saddled and bridled.
    • Her tack was resting on a bale of hay in front of the stall, and soon the mare was saddled and bridled.
    • Then I placed on my helmet and bridled him quickly.
    • She found Jare after a little bit of hunting and led him back to camp where she bridled him, and mounted.
    • It was my bay mare, saddled and bridled, and tied by a neck rope to a young tree.
    • As if of some amazing coincidence, a large white gelding broke from the ruins, still saddled and bridled.
    • Soon after, a saddled and bridled chestnut horse came striding into view.
    • Occasionally, she would bite at me because she didn't like to be bridled.
    • I quickly put on the saddle and placed my helmet on before bridling.
    • He spent days and nights with one catch-horse always bridled, ready to ride down strays.