Translation of briefs in Spanish:


calzoncillos, n.

Pronunciation /brifs/ /briːfs/

plural noun

  • 1

    (man's) calzoncillos masculine
    (man's) slip masculine
    (woman's) calzones masculine Latin America
    (woman's) bragas feminine Spain
    (woman's) bombachas feminine River Plate
    (woman's) pantaletas feminine Central America, Venezuela
    • Boxer briefs have become the underwear of choice.
    • Should I tuck both my undershirt and shirt into my briefs?
    • Adam climbed over the bed to his suitcase pulled out a pair of his briefs and cut off shorts.
    • Wear white boxer briefs with white pants, and light gray or white ones with light colored pants.
    • I could never imagine myself ever swimming in briefs or shorts ever again.
    • I slid my shorts and briefs off and arranged them for a quick recovery - if needed.
    • On the platform, a dozen or more dancing hustlers wear only biker shorts or briefs.
    • However, I also noticed that Speedos and swimming briefs are extremely popular on the beaches of Europe.
    • Bo stood with her back to Cat, wearing nothing but her white briefs and bra.
    • They are referenced in this faux-primitive romp fashioned for nine dancers in briefs or skimpy bathing suits.
    • Try various fits and sizes for both briefs and boxers until you find the right ones for you.
    • Toss in cashmere briefs and a Mogu pillow, and she may never leave home again.
    • Well, according to my scientific survey (panel of 25 beautiful women), women prefer white boxer briefs.
    • The age old question continues, boxers or briefs?
    • He stood before her in a pair of navy blue boxer briefs.
    • In the Baya Beach Club in Rotterdam, male and female staff and clientele were wearing bikinis and briefs.
    • Finally she stood to admire his body, dressed only in a pair of black briefs.
    • Clad only in skin tight black briefs, he held a black shower kit under one arm and a drink filled glass in each hand.
    • There is really no difference in boxers versus briefs, tight jeans versus loose pants.
    • Kevin then dropped his pants, revealing a pair of gray briefs.