Traducción de bright en español:


brillante, adj.

Pronunciación /braɪt/ /brʌɪt/

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adjetivo brighter, brightest

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    • 1.1

      (star) brillante
      (light) brillante
      (light) fuerte
      (room) con mucha luz
      draw the curtains, it's too bright corre las cortinas, hay demasiada luz / claridad
      • it was a bright, sunny day era un día de sol radiante
      • tomorrow will be bright mañana hará sol
      • one of our brightest young stars una de nuestras más brillantes actrices jóvenes
      • The cannon twitched, and an intense bright light shone from within the barrel.
      • His dark eyes were reflecting the bright flashing lights of the carnival, and he looked like the most adorable puppy.
      • Her dark eyes were bright with reflected light, and her cheeks were rosy.
      • And from it burst a bright light, shining and sparkling with all colors of the rainbow.
      • Some filmmakers shine a bright light that blurs the intimate, the indistinct and the fugitive.
      • He is, however, one to watch because he shines a bright light on the central paradox that haunts politics.
      • Then the door opened, and a bright light shone in my eyes.
      • A bright light shone in my eyes and I squinted, temporarily blinded.
      • The bright light reflected off her shirt and I winced at the sight.
      • The door opened and a bright light shone into the dimly lit room.
      • A bright light shines from behind and the silver armor is put on her.
      • She doesn't recognize the drab room with the bright morning light shining in through the narrow gap in the curtains.
      • Soon enough, Raymond reached the hospital, its lights shone bright into his eyes, blinding him.
      • It started to rise, and a bright light shined through what was opening.
      • The thick foliage wouldn't allow the moon's bright light to shine through.
      • The door to my cell was flung open and a bright light was shined in.
      • The trio traveled down a wide silver corridor, bathed in bright light that reflected from the metal floor.
      • A bright light was shining on him, and all he could think of was how stereotypically cliché this was.
      • The sun was bright and shone through Jim's window sternly, as if warning that it was time to get out of bed.
      • Not only has she maintained it, but she has kept it bright and shining, untarnished by time.
      • For the first time, she looked innocent, her bright eyes full of light.
      • It was bright, full of pretty things, and I was her new prize.
      • This house is bright, comfortable and full of character.
      • At 8: 00 Ember sat down at a cold desk in the back of a bright room full of chemicals and beakers.
      • The bar was stuffy, bright and full of the mixed odors of beer, smoke, and unwashed bodies.
      • The room was bright and full of sunshine, the light-catchers sending shards of rainbows all over the room.
      • The nine other rooms above the restaurant are comfortable, bright and spacious, but only four have lake views.
      • The bathroom was bright, and spacious, with twin basins and a decent range of toiletries.
      • Haig was taking full advantage of the bright conditions at night for prospecting expeditions.
      • This room is bright and spacious, with lots of light coming in through two windows.
      • The kitchen cum dining room is spacious and bright.
      • It has 148 square metres of bright and spacious accommodation.
      • Unlike its rough-hewn ancestors, the cabin feels bright and spacious.
      • While the external courtyards are contained and intimate, the principal internal space is spacious and bright.
      • The rooms are bright, spacious, spotless and reasonably priced.
      • The living room is bright and spacious with 11 foot high ceilings.
      • Through these, Wilton could see a bright, spacious lobby.
      • The shiny exterior glimmered in the lights of the bright room and reflected each of their faces in a warped way.
      • They glow in the sun in an area of London bright with light reflected from surrounding water and huge sky.
      • The intense bright of the chamber and the nothingness in the surround was unnerving.

    • 1.2

      (color) fuerte
      (color) vivo
      (color) brillante
      a bright red/blue shirt una camisa de un rojo/azul fuerte / vivo / brillante
      • They are like cartoons, with their bold lines, bright colours and flat shapes.
      • Her hair was weird, though - bright purple and green with blonde streaks.
      • Their psychedelic element is heightened by bright, bright colour, like turquoise greens and those hot pinks.
      • Try bright colours like yellow or green on your cabinets or try a cherry red lacquer on pantry doors.
      • There are no bright colours, only shadowy hues of brown and grey.
      • Commonly seen white flowers cover the foliage, but a striking bright purple is also available.
      • It was a beautiful weekend; the sun was shining brilliantly in the bright blue sky.
      • Bluer than a sapphire, bluer than the sky, just a bright intense, perfect blue.
      • She was certainly beautiful, with her bright red hair which shone like the sun and her burnt-red eyes.
      • Cwery's bright blue eyes were shining with tears, giving Brayden's heart a good wrench.
      • She wears the same bright red cowboy boots every week.
      • She was wearing all black and had bright red lipstick.
      • Still looking peaceful, her fair skin shone under the bright white lights, her hair still silky about her.
      • Behind is a huge, bright yellow full moon, and the grassy field underfoot is composed of green, blue, and brown.
      • The whole section was full of bright colors, some very unnatural.
      • This particular painting was full of bright colors and happiness.
      • Colors showed small signs of fading, though were generally bright and full.
      • The basin was full of bright blue flames, and behind the basin stood a figure in a dark blue cloak.
      • Dave beamed at his little life-partner, his bright blue eyes full of pride.
      • The costumes and set design are stylish and impressive, full of bright colors and wonderfully authentic period detail.

    • 1.3

      (sound/tone) claro
      • The sound is indeed bright and clear most of the time.
      • Stephen woke up to sounds of bright laughter in the kitchen.
      • The running order of the songs was what I was used to and the bright sound of everything.
      • It wasn't a bright sound like most bells, but more hollow and deep.
      • They were initially very simple two or three note sequences but their sound was never bright.
      • The ensemble sound was bright, with the trumpets and woodwind producing particularly expressive sounds.
      • That bright sound propelled him faster to the narrow staircase at the end of the hall.
      • The bubbly bright sound caught my attention, she was a beautiful woman.
      • The sound is clear and bright, and the all-important dialogue is easily understood.
      • Carlile heard a sharp bright sound and saw that the heron had broken free from a thin layer of ice.
      • The overall sound was very bright, while it was bordering on the harsh.
      • He felt her body moving with his in time to the music and heard her bright laughter as she tried to impress him.
      • The sound is a little bright for my taste, but very clear.
      • As the pace picks up, his second break adopts a bright, ringing sound.
      • In terms of commercial success, people will devour this bright, clean blues sound.
      • It's like floating through storm clouds, getting lost in the at-once bright and ominous sound.
      • A bright laugh sounded behind him, and a rich, musical voice spoke behind him.
      • Gwin looked up from her struggle with a giraffe and sounded a bright giggle.
      • The song's plea for action is underlined by their bright, clear choruses.
      • She sings the lead in a voice that's clear and bright, but also a little deadpan.

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    • 2.1(cheerful)

      (eyes) lleno de vida
      (eyes) vivaracho
      the children's bright, smiling faces las caras radiantes de felicidad de los niños
      • As Thomas walked, passersby greeted him with a bright smile and a cheerful, ‘Merry Christmas!’
      • But she had a bright smile, cheerful face, and an eye for color, so she was excellent at helping out her customers.
      • A tall brunette stood behind the front counter in the lobby, giving us a bright, cheerful smile.
      • She said cheerfully, smiling that bright smile of hers again.
      • She had a bright, lively smile and slightly browned skin from being out in the sun.
      • He had bright eyes, a lively expression, and a winsome smile.
      • Charging through the door were two bright and cheerful bundles of female energy.
      • The programme will be bright, lively, entertaining and will provide real insights that go beneath the headlines.
      • As soon as she saw the bright, cheerful face, framed by soft blond curls, she giggled.
      • Addie looked as bright and cheerful as ever, though she did look a lot more aged.
      • It was pretty hard not to be happy around someone like Jen who was always bright and cheerful.
      • She was bright and cheerful and for some reason she made him feel like a teenage boy who had a crush on her.
      • He is someone who starts off bright, cheerful and confident and then has everything taken away from him.
      • She shook the sadness out of her and forced herself to act bright and cheerful as she always did.
      • It was lively and provided a bright atmosphere in the dimming sky.
      • This being a kid's show, the artwork is bright and cheerful, and hypnotically intense.
      • Her fresh and natural look is enhanced by her bright smile.
      • Her mother was once a bright spirit, full of energy and laughter.
      • The five weeks to the trial went slowly, the only bright period was a visit from Myra.
      • We are talking about a young city, a bright, eclectic and sometimes confused place.
      • It was one of the really bright spots in my young girlhood.

    • 2.2(hopeful)

      the prospects are not very bright las perspectivas no son muy prometedoras / halagüeñas
      • things are looking brighter now las cosas tienen mejor cara ahora
      • he has a bright future ahead of him tiene un brillante porvenir por delante

  • 3

    (person) inteligente
    (idea) brillante coloquial
    (idea) genial coloquial
    she's a very bright child es una niña muy inteligente / lista
    • whose bright idea was it to come here? ¿quién tuvo la brillante idea de venir aquí?
    • Intellectually quick-witted and bright, with an abrasive edge, Reid did well in school.
    • He's very bright and intelligent and he's, honestly, probably the most wonderful person to look up to.
    • The problem he had, he was extremely intelligent, very bright, but he had a face that was just past puberty.
    • Even the once bright look of intelligence had dulled.
    • These are bright, intelligent characters and they speak a lot.
    • They need to know that nursing requires bright, intelligent individuals.
    • During that time, he found Bryce to be bright, highly intelligent, and for the most part, unafraid.
    • Consternation deepened; then somebody had a bright idea.
    • Whose bright idea was it to settle this far north, anyway?
    • Young and bright, she is the darling of her district today.
    • Young Archie, bright and industrious, did well at school.
    • His assistant, a pretty young woman, is bright, very capable, and eager to help.
    • I can't remember whose bright idea it was to add the radio to our sad little party.
    • I don't know when I had come up with that bright idea, but I changed rooms right away.
    • On the second day of being stuck at home, I had the bright idea of taking a walk.
    • You aren't the only one who comes up with the bright ideas.
    • Somebody had the bright idea to push me so I fell onto David.
    • Always bright and perky, Robin has shone in all subjects.
    • They were so bright and were full of laughter and mischief.
    • She's very smart, bright, witty, full of grace and elegance.