Translation of brightly in Spanish:


intensamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbraɪtli/ /ˈbrʌɪtli/


  • 1

    (shine/gleam) intensamente
    (shine/gleam) vivamente
    a brightly polished table una mesa resplandeciente
    • His genius is pure beauty, a creative flame burning so brightly we can hardly look at it.
    • The film noir narrative usually plays out not in the brightly lit kitchen of a comfortable home but at night in dimly lit back streets.
    • At times, the sun shines so brightly through the airport that it blinds the camera.
    • The sun never shines in the laundry, while outside it beams brightly.
    • There are more troubles with outdoor, brightly sunlit scenes, where colors tend to look a bit faded.
    • The picture is clean and vivid, with deep, flawless blacks and surfaces that gleam nearly as brightly as they did on the big screen in 1983.
    • The juxtaposition of scenes that are brightly lighted with those that are darker is expertly used to underpin the sense of dread.
    • She was looking at the show below from somewhere far above, perhaps from the brightly shining moon.
    • We were able to get two tickets under the Olympic cauldron, where the flame was burning brightly.
    • I occupied myself in coaxing a very cross fire to burn, which at last it did, quite brightly.
  • 2

    (say/smile) alegremente
    • The orchestra plays brightly, although about an hour's worth of the score is missing.
    • The melody rang brightly from the upper gallery.
    • The complex chromatic, often dark harmony, and caressing Latin-American lilt was impelled brightly by the pianist.
    • In this brightly pointed account, the new piano part came across as fresh and distinct.
    • Faust's friends, who assemble at his house on the night he is taken by Mephistopheles, arebrightly rendered by the symphony chorus.
    • Especially telling were the colorful blends in "Soubrette Song," with brightly resonant trumpets.
    • The main theme's bristling energy was brightly complemented by virtuoso scalic passages.
    • His music sparkles quite as brightly as it did 250 years ago.
    • Pearl was looking brightly into her mother's face.
    • One of his darkest visions is also one of his most brightly playful.