Translation of brights in Spanish:


largas, n.

Pronunciation /brʌɪts/

plural noun

Motor Vehicles
  • 1

    largas feminine
    luces largas feminine
    altas feminine Andes, Mexico
    luces altas feminine Andes, Mexico
    • Getting out of the car, I flipped the brights lever, illuminating the Don.
    • Finally, it got too dark to see as even my brights wouldn't show enough of the road to continue on safely.
    • Jack finally looked in his rearview mirror, and the woman began flashing her brights at him.
    • It is an atypical crime film, a sort of film noir with the brights on.
    • She flashed her brights at him, and he went onto the shoulder.
    • Judy did her usual flashing the brights, but Edward did not stop.