Translation of brilliant in Spanish:


brillante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪljənt/ /ˈbrɪlj(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (light) brillante
    (sunshine) radiante
    (red/green) brillante
    (red/green) luminoso
    • Overhead the sun shone brightly, illuminating the garden with a brilliant ray of light.
    • He slowly opened his eyes and bright rays of brilliant light flashed into his eyes.
    • Something happened then, it was as if a brilliant ray of light shone down upon him.
    • The golden arches continue to shine their brilliant light, and there were the occasional soldiers, but all was at peace.
    • It shone under the brilliant lights of the city as it was held in a transparent cover.
    • A light sun shone in the distance, beaming brilliant light onto the Seattle skyline.
    • The light was alone, shining its brilliant rays into the nothingness.
    • Sparks flew as brilliant lights flared in the distance.
    • The doors slammed open at the opposite end of the lab and a brilliant light poured in, almost blinding him.
    • One is also soothed and warmed by the brilliant sunshine that illuminates the painting.
    • Emma raised her hand, admiring the enormous ring as it sparkled under the brilliant sunlight, flashing radiantly.
    • Then, in the midst of this brilliant light, another light brighter than any light in the natural realm split the sky.
    • The brilliant lights of the buildings outside shone in through the skylight, casting a bright square of light on the floor.
    • Though small and unnoticed at first, the brilliant light grew rapidly, until it completely enveloped the raging battle.
    • Photo-flashes spat brilliant light at them when they left the theatre.
    • Within it, there are a few brilliant, crystal particles.
    • The nurse nodded, flashing one of her trademark brilliant smiles.
    • The same brilliant smile I've come to recognize, but with a hidden twist to it.
    • Galina opened it to see two brilliant diamond earrings sparkling back.
    • Their horns burned white-hot, brilliant in the darkness.
  • 2

    (writer/politician/performance/novel) brillante
    whose brilliant idea was it to … ? ¿quién tuvo la brillante idea de … ? ironic
    • The young Lord Burlington was brilliant and precocious.
    • He was a wealthy young man, a brilliant battle commander, intelligent and witty.
    • We'll also be able to take advantage of some of Gotham's most brilliant magazine talent.
    • He's articulate, he's talented, he's brilliant in the music world.
    • Nevertheless, talented and brilliant men such as Miró started a downward spiral that ended in artistic anarchy.
    • He is the most lauded living American film-maker - a beacon of integrity as well as a brilliant talent.
    • There will just be some special scholarships for the very disadvantaged or the exceptionally brilliant.
    • We are returning home weighed down with awards thanks to brilliant talent and skills both on and off screen.
    • Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
    • They are clever, even brilliant planners, who are now executing the first blatantly overt phase of their attack.
    • Kimberly, the ingenious lawyer and brilliant mathematician could not figure it out, could not understand it.
    • Its autumn programme, now well under way, includes rising stars, but also some brilliant talent from abroad.
    • He was a brilliant navigator, a talented cartographer and a relatively humane captain by the standards of his time.
    • Unless he was exceptionally brilliant how could he have completed a four-year course in one?
    • Such an act is less acting than impersonation unless the writing is inspired and the performer brilliant.
    • Two brilliant, mature male artists in a tug of war over a half-naked, beautiful young woman.
    • He was just being mindful of his stature as an respectable and esteemed brilliant scientifically oriented mind.
    • Ty's creating our creature and he's just brilliant.
    • Steiner was brilliant at painting images with music.
    • He could not be called one of those brilliant minds.
    • Franklin's career was brilliant from the very beginning.
    • His brief but brilliant career is resurfacing too.
    • We'll definitely keep an eye on your brilliant career!
    • But although this untimely death cut short a brilliant career, he still left his mark, both as a soldier and musician.
    • She's had such a brilliant and long-lasting career.
    • So after such a brilliant academic career, you returned to India, and worked in a firm and with your father.
    • It was a tough call, so Norman did what he had learned to do on all tough calls throughout his brilliant legal career.
    • College friends thought he could have had a brilliant legal career but for his eccentricities.
    • These brilliant, emotive tracks make this collection worthwhile.
    • Meanwhile the character design is of course top and the animation brilliant.
    • This was a shame, because the show had a fine cast and scripts that occasionally verged on the brilliant.
    • The essay is complex and enthralling, the writing brilliant, the characters utterly fascinating.
    • Despite the coarse nature of the fabric, the pieces are delicate, soft to touch and look brilliant.
    • If only all bars in the world were this brilliant.
    • I shook my head, finding his suggestion brilliant.
    • But she's got all these great ideas and brilliant scenes and clever lines all mapped out in her head.
    • I was hoping that he would have made a brilliant breakthrough in inventing clever rhymes and stories.
    • Then a brilliant idea was formed: an art contest.
    • He churns out consistently brilliant ideas at amazing speed and clarity.
    • However, a friend had the brilliant idea to prepare soft shell crabs, which he did for us one evening.
  • 3British informal

    genial informal
    fenomenal informal
    ¡brilliant! ¡genial! informal
    • You're just so brilliant and you're one of the coolest people ever.
    • He has a wonderful wife, a fantastic job and two brilliant children.
    • You are brilliant, a wonderful photographer, beautiful, and funny.
    • The cast are brilliant; the set fantastic, the sound unbelievable and the lighting and costumes are very much on par.
    • It is rock music played by rock fans bearing wicked smiles and it makes me feel brilliant.
  • 4literary

    (magnificent, splendid)
    lleno de brillo y esplendor