Translation of brilliantine in Spanish:


brillantina, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪljənˌtin/ /ˈbrɪlj(ə)ntiːn/


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    brillantina feminine
    • The firm was known for its cough medicine, but in fact the products included hair cream, brilliantine, and others.
    • A man his age, his hair combed back with brilliantine, was nestled in one of the chairs.
    • Guttman, closely cropped, clean-shaven and smelling of brilliantine, heads for Mozambique.
    • My hair is wavy now that I rubbed fingertips of brilliantine through it and combed and brushed it.
    • Prior to the 1970's an oily dressing, like brilliantine, was popular among smart young men.