Translation of brilliantly in Spanish:


intensamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪliəntli/ /ˈbrɪlɪəntli/


  • 1

    (shine) intensamente
    a brilliantly sunny day un día de sol radiante
    • From 1912, he painted extensively in northern Ontario, producing brilliantly colored oil sketches on small wooden panels.
    • The sanctuary itself is the most brilliantly illuminated part of the church.
    • She chose a blue that corresponds to the color of the brilliantly clear sky above New York on that day in September.
    • His works make up a spectacular fleet of brilliantly festooned machines.
    • Emerging trends include the brilliantly hued photos of Winstanley and the classic snapshots of Metzner.
    • The piece presents a sect of 11 men and women, brilliantly clad alike by in white dress shirts, striped ties, and suspendered knickers.
    • The season unaccountably changes, the leaves all brilliantly fall, thousands at a time,
    • The National Health Service workers pushed giant, brilliantly lit beds into the stadium.
    • The gas-filled tubes, as you can see, work brilliantly, and unlike so many things that look good in the dark, they're very visible in daylight too.
    • The satellite rose into a brilliantly sunny sky flecked with small white clouds.
  • 2

    (play/write/argue) con brillantez
    (funny/simple) extraordinariamente
    he played brilliantly jugó genial / fenomenal informal