Translation of brim in Spanish:


ala, n.

Pronunciation /brɪm/


  • 1

    (of hat)
    (with masculine article in the singular) ala feminine
  • 2

    (of vessel)
    borde masculine
    fill the glass/cup to the brim llena el vaso/la taza hasta el borde

intransitive verb brimming, brimmed, brimmed

  • 1

    to brim with sth
    • The recording brims with the excitement of realized talent.
    • His writing brims with death and decay, but, buoyed by a certain old-fashioned stateliness, it avoids cheap gore.
    • That disc brims with behind-the-scenes explanations and endearing insights into the mind of the director.
    • The industry brims with theories on what makes millennials tick.
    • In fact, the exhibition brims with other themes that invite elaboration that would give interpretative depth.
    • An oblique love story, the play brims with compassionate understanding.
    • I was brimming, no, overflowing with good feelings.
    • He's a positive thinker now, full of can-do, upbeat mottoes and brimming over with assertive high spirits.
    • It's dark, at times brooding, but brimming full of energy and orchestration.
    • Words escaped her - there was nothing more than a full, brimming feeling that she was about to puke.
    • Her voice was brimming over with joyous laughter.
    • I bite my lip, aware of the hope brimming inside me.
    • She asked, curiosity brimming in her eyes and voice.
    • Most, however, returned home, brimming over with plunder.
    • He was brimming over with excitement by this stage.
    • How to do this when I wasn't exactly brimming over with information?
    • He again heard the whispers of Sara's happy voice, excitement brimming at the prospect of artistic learning.
    • But not enough to hide the concern she was feeling for her friend that was brimming behind her sparkling blue eyes.
    • He felt the love, a relatively new feeling, brimming within him and fought the urge to take her in his arms.
    • Oh I would never have guessed, I thought, brimming over with smugness.
    • The work is an icy bluish gray, brimming over with a quiet urgency and haunting luminosity.