Translation of bring in Spanish:


traer, v.

Pronunciation /brɪŋ/

transitive verb brought, brought

  • 1

    • 1.1(take along)

      can I bring a friend? ¿puedo traer a / venir con un amigo?
      • bring this to the kitchen lleva esto a la cocina
      • she's bringing Lucy with her va a venir con Lucy
      • bring your passport with you traiga el pasaporte
      • I've brought these books for the children les he traído estos libros a los niños
      • he brought me news from John me trajo noticias de John
      • we'll bring you more news in our next bulletin les daremos más información en nuestro próximo boletín
      • she brings a lifetime's experience aporta la experiencia de toda una vida
      • that brings me to my next point: the need to … esto me lleva a lo siguiente: la necesidad de …
      • I brought away new hopes from that meeting salí de esa reunión con nuevas esperanzas
      • bring the chair/baby inside/outside entra/saca la silla/al bebé
      • bring it close acércalo
      • bring her in hazla pasar / entrar

    • 1.2(attract, cause to come)

      the slightest sound could bring the guards el menor ruido podría atraer / hacer venir a los guardas
      • There had been talk among their generals to bring her here before, but none had dared to touch her.
      • This mixture effectively brought me into the feeling of the play.
      • He's effective in bringing groups of Iraqis together, something he's done for many years.
      • An Alberta promoter is bringing a new style of festival to Canada.
      • We just need to create a structure to bring them together.
      • The collaboration brought father and son closer than ever.
      • The wizard who brought us here undoubtedly created this place.
      • The glass roof brought sunlight down and illuminated the blue walls.
      • For example, what is it about the Philip Glass' music which brings you back to him?
      • A short drive brings you north to Florence, or south, more energetically, to Bologna or Sienna.
      • The circulating nurse also suggests that another surgeon be brought in to assist the operating surgeon.
      • The pilot brought the shuttle gently to rest in the clearing.
      • While new recruits are being brought in, a lot of more experienced people are getting restless, and gone.
      • But the reaction Smith received when he brought in the local FBI office was more puzzling.
      • He dined or drank at The Beet three or four times a week and brought in lots of new customers.
      • The other acts are going to be brought in through witness testimony.
      • It had been only a month after they had first been brought in here, and all five had been locked up in the same cell.
      • But what has been brought in are behavioral experts and demeanor experts.
      • Whatever reason they did this for, those two guys need to be brought in.
      • They're not allowed to see each other, so she has to leave, and then he'll be brought in right after this.
      • Given the acting chops of most of the leads, the stunt doubles should have been brought in for the dramatic bits too.
      • It also had a sizable fleet of extra buses that could be brought in for emergencies.
      • I always assumed that a CEO from the outside was going to be brought in.
      • The joy driving brought me was so great that I was almost thankful I'd left it so long to learn.

  • 2

    • 2.1(result in, produce)

      the merger will bring enormous benefits la fusión va a traer / reportar enormes beneficios
      • it brought us nothing but trouble no nos trajo más que problemas
      • the announcement brought cheers from the crowd el anuncio hizo dar vivas a la muchedumbre
      • these benefits bring with them certain responsibilities estas ventajas conllevan ciertas responsabilidades
      • you've brought so much happiness to those poor children les has dado tanta alegría a esos pobres niños
      • to bring a smile to sb's face hacer sonreír a algn
      • it brought a blush to her face la hizo sonrojarse
      • it brought tears to my eyes hizo que se me llenaran los ojos de lágrimas
      • it brings a shine to the wood le da brillo a la madera

    • 2.2(persuade)

      I couldn't bring myself to do it no pude hacerlo
      • I forced the inevitable because I can't bring myself to compromise.
      • At first she was sure that he couldn't bring himself to mention the letter and let her down gently.
      • It has half a bad novel inside it so I've never quite brought myself to throw it out.
      • I do wish she could have brought herself to write at least once, ‘Oh, he makes me so mad!’
      • He hesitates, looking particularly grave, and finally brings himself to utter the shameful words.
      • If he brings himself to watch it on video, the answer can be found in the remarkable deeds of 15 men in white.
      • Meanwhile, Stuart has a hard time bringing himself to use the toilet his dad's ashes were flushed down.
      • It's like the old car that you just can't bring yourself to give up.
      • If you can't bring yourself to try out for the talent show, sign up for the backstage crew and learn about lighting.
      • By the end, you cannot even bring yourself to look into the mirror.
      • If you can't bring yourself to laugh at violence you should steer clear.
      • Getting past the cheap shots, you can't bring yourself to dislike this album or write it off completely.
      • This person is the object of your affection, but you are passive and can't bring yourself to ask them out.
      • Then be as sweet as you can bring yourself to be, and see if you can take now what's still there.
      • I say this because so many people cannot bring themselves to formulate an opinion, let alone an informed one.
      • I appreciate that you agree with my basic premise, but I can't bring myself to agree with yours.
      • I just can't bring myself to care about you or your stupid tears.
      • That was a crime, and I cannot bring myself to vote for a criminal.
      • I can barely bring myself to leave the television turned on when he appears.
      • No doubt all this is relatively important in its way, but I can't bring myself to get very interested in it.

  • 3

    (profit/return) dejar
    how much do you think the sale will bring you? ¿cuánto crees que vas a sacar de la venta?
    • The coffee shops were going to be open even longer as the commuters brought in much money even in the early hours.
    • With ridership that quickly surpassed expectations, they also brought in profits.
    • His books brought in an amazing income stream.
    • This summer is shaping up to bring record amounts of money in ticket sales.
    • These brought in little income and proved a great headache to manage.
    • Public lectures, gala events, and renting out premises also brought certain amounts of money.
    • It brought in money that would likely not have come to Berkeley otherwise.
    • Over in China a young woman made a movie that hadn't brought in very much money.
    • Their boxed lunches brought in enough money that Arthur could begin saving again in earnest.
    • Still, all of her mother's odd jobs never brought in enough money, and her family had to make difficult changes.
    • They brought in enough money for him to be able to get married.
    • His job as a fisherman brought in some money, and most was spent on beer.
    • As of this writing the sale has brought in vastly more money than anticipated.
    • They may not have liked this, but work brought in money regardless of where or who it came from.
    • In the short term it brought in some money and it attached the Civil Service to the state.
    • Asking for an extra 10% isn't at all cheeky if you brought in a lot of extra revenue over the last twelve months.
    • Turn out lots of crummy products in a short amount of time to bring in some fast money.
    • If nothing else, the popularity of the television show has brought a large amount of money into the town.
    • For that reason, certain models in good condition are hard to find and may bring prices that exceed $30,000.
    • To have your condition labelled as a disease may bring considerable benefit.
  • 4

    to bring a lawsuit / an action against sb interponer / iniciar una demanda / acción en contra de algn
    • to bring charges against sb formularle cargos a algn