Translation of bring out in Spanish:

bring out

sacar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(draw out)

      (person) hacer salir

    • 1.2(put on market)

      (product/model) sacar (al mercado)
      (edition/book) publicar
      (edition/book) sacar

    • 1.3(accentuate)

      children bring out the best in her el trato con niños hace resaltar / pone de manifiesto sus mejores cualidades
      • this light brings out the red in your hair esta luz realza el rojo de tu pelo

    • 1.4(make bloom)

      hacer florecer

    • 1.5British

      to bring sb out in sth
      • it brought me out in a rash
      • it brought me out in spots

  • 2

    (make less shy)
    I tried to bring her out a bit traté de ayudarla a vencer su timidez