Translation of brisk in Spanish:


rápido y enérgico, adj.

Pronunciation /brɪsk/

See Spanish definition of fresco


  • 1

    (lively, quick)
    (pace) rápido y enérgico
    (pace) brioso
    (walk) a paso ligero
    trading was brisk on the Stock Exchange hubo gran actividad en la Bolsa
    • That done, she departed for the stables at a brisk speedy walk.
    • Navi took a quick break from their brisk walk by leaning against one of the light poles.
    • Darren had to hurry to keep pace with his father's brisk walk.
    • That's exactly the moment for a brisk 10-minute walk.
    • The remainder of their walk was brisk but silent.
    • He put the weapon away and walked away at a brisk pace.
    • The floor was covered up quickly with brisk, long strides.
    • The conductor, whose name I didn't quite catch, quickly counted off a brisk jazz beat, and we were off.
    • They ate and broke camp quickly, setting a brisk pace across the slick stone of the Old Road.
    • By the time I visited, more than two-thirds of the flats had been sold, and business was brisk.
    • There is also a lone souvenir shop doing brisk business.
    • It's a light and breezy ground floor and mezzanine, doing brisk business on a weekday lunchtime.
    • Her slow walked quickly turned into a brisk sprint as she ran for the front entrance.
    • Business was brisk but there were only a few women by 10 pm.
    • According to simple economic theory, brisk business activity will naturally boost consumption in the general public.
    • Business is brisk at a wedding souvenir shop just around the corner from the cathedral where the real bells will toll.
    • Business was brisk at the Fair, with dealers selling several important sculptures on the first day itself.
    • Business here is often brisk, overseen by the effervescent proprietor who mans the steamy open kitchen.
    • The bazaars were doing brisk business as Holi approached.
    • We hear that it is doing brisk business in India.
  • 2

    (efficient, energetic)
    (person/manner) enérgico y eficiente
    (person/manner) dinámico y eficiente
    the service is brisk el servicio es rápido y eficiente
    • The answering tone was brisk and businesslike, as if this happened ordinarily and every day.
    • She said all this in a brisk voice but faltered slightly when she saw all my luggage.
    • ‘Time to go, Cheri,’ Mrs Barnes chirped in brisk tones.
    • On the other end of the line Logan is brisk, businesslike.
    • She danced with a brusque and determined attitude, and she spoke in the same sharp, brisk manner.
    • Skyler replied to her question with a brisk nod, and tried to not make eye contact.
    • She waved a wing in the air, a brisk, dismissing gesture.
  • 3

    (fresh and invigorating)
    (wind/morning) fresco
    • A cold, brisk wind fills the square on a grey Saturday afternoon.
    • Though the wind was brisk and chilly, the sun was bright and warm.
    • The September night was chilly, with a brisk wind picking up, but neither seemed to notice.
    • Having been used to arid, scorching heat, the brisk weather was both welcome and refreshing, if not a bit cold.
    • There's wind in the sails today and the brisk breezes revive the men's falling spirit.
    • I knew it was a brisk wind, considering it was considered winter, but it really did feel wonderful.
    • A brisk wind blew, causing dead leaves to dance in the air and cause those on the ground to ruffle across.
    • There's nothing like a gurgling pot of homemade soup to warm your bones when the brisk weather sets in.
    • At the edge of the lake, a brisk wind snapped at Jane's skirts.
    • The next evening a brisk breeze came up from the southwest.
    • The group traveled for the rest of the day in a brisk rain.
    • The brisk breeze carried a lingering odor of salt as it brushed against Isabella's face.
    • She quickly stepped outside, her hair lifting in a brisk breeze.
    • She walked out of the ruin, into the brisk breeze outside.
    • The brisk November wind made him feel awake and energized.
    • The brisk ocean wind was a refreshing feeling, just what Helen needed.
    • The air was cold and brisk, but he paid it no mind.
    • The broken window was letting in the brisk cold air.
    • He had rustled up his riding-jacket for the brisk evening weather.
    • If self-restraint at the feast isn't one of your virtues, a walk in the brisk air may help undo what you've overdone.