Translation of briskly in Spanish:


con brío, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪskli/


  • 1

    (walk) con brío
    it's selling briskly se está vendiendo muy bien
    • right, he said briskly, let's get to the point —bueno —dijo con tono de eficiencia— vayamos al grano
    • The three boys walked briskly on the sand.
    • He is a master at briskly paced action movies.
    • He does a good, workmanlike job with this, keeping the plot moving along briskly.
    • With his use of the moving camera paired with visually compatible, we move briskly through the action.
    • The briskly defined lift of his baton is especially stimulating to the dancers.
    • She zipped up her jacket and briskly made her way across lawns and through alleys.
    • The guard walks away briskly, passing us and not offering so much as a smile.
    • Briskly running up the hillside, it shook its beautiful head and bowed it in respect before dashing off into the woods.
    • The kite is lifted by about 20 boys and is carried briskly around the corner to the waiting truck.
    • Some medieval romances were alive and well and selling briskly well into the 19th century.
    • The moment he finished giving orders, she nodded briskly, impatiently even.
    • The man was talking briskly now, snapping instructions at me.
    • "Come on. Now!" she said, briskly.
    • The court disposed of the argument briskly.
    • She remains briskly stoic even as the client's petulance escalates.
    • Clive briskly led him into the back, pausing at every table just long enough to assure his customers that there was no problem.
    • She deals briskly with the delusion that filling up your diary may give you the feeling that you have life under control.
    • When asked whether she has any disagreements Jean, she briskly snaps, "Absolutely not."
    • I was speaking to him the way I would if I were training a dog—firmly, briskly, not cruelly.
    • It is at once highly entertaining and briskly sobering.