Traducción de bristle en Español:


cerda, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbrɪsəl/ /ˈbrɪs(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (on animal) cerda femenino
    (on plant) pelo masculino
    this brush is genuine bristle este cepillo es de pura cerda
    • with nylon bristle con cerda de nylon
    • I haven't shaved for the day, so short bristles of my beard pepper my chin.
    • His lip, covered with short bristles, quavered slightly.
    • Golden bristles stubbled his cheeks and jaw and his hair needed a quick comb.
    • He followed the contours of my ears and felt the bristles of my beard.
    • He felt the rough bristles of its hide scouring his own furless skin.
    • He strokes his servant's beard, enjoying the feel of soft bristles against the palm of his hand.
  • 2

    (on human)
    his face was covered in bristle(s) tenía la barba crecida

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (stand up)
    (fur/hair) erizarse
    (fur/hair) ponerse de punta
    • She stood with her fur bristling as she watched a form race across the hills towards them.
    • Elanor was peering in the doorway, her fur bristling.
    • Ayane shot up to a sitting position, back ramrod-straight and fur bristling.
    • The wolfish creature padded like a soldier down the hall, its fur bristling and its head held high by its broad chest.
    • He seemed a little taken aback, sat and listened with fur bristling, one hand stroking the back of the other.
    • He looked down at Ace whose fur was bristling and her teeth and claws were bared.
    • Her fur bristled, Ki's bright orange eyes shot to the door.
    • Her eyes were phosphorus green and her fur bristled up.
    • Now his fur bristled again, although not with pride.
    • Her fur bristled in surprise, but she smiled at me when she turned.
    • Her ruff, all her fur bristled and her claws were unsheathed.
    • My fur bristled as I could tell that wolves had surrounded the clearing.
    • It stood in the middle of the road now, its gray fur bristling and its yellowed teeth bared.
    • I turned into a tiger and roared, feeling the sinews under my skin tighten, and my adopted whiskers bristle.
    • My hair bristled and I felt all my muscles twitch spasmodically.
    • His spiky black hair bristled as he ran to catch up with Kia's team.
    • The hairs on Rolando's neck bristled and he trembled with fear but continued to run after her.
    • She could feel her short hair bristling against her chin and cheeks.
    • Its passionate verve makes your hair bristle with sheer pleasure.
    • The fledgling stiffened, feathers bristling as though roused by a gale.
    • There was a subtle change in Adair towards defensive and Tristin stared at her as she almost bristled at him.
    • At a press conference, the foreign secretary bristled at the suggestion he would be taking a message to New Delhi.
    • Her lawyers bristled at suggestions there may be no other willing witnesses to bring.
    • Daniel bristled at the Captain's accusation, ‘What girl?’
    • The young soldier bristled at being called a child.
    • Patrick bristled at the words, but could find no hidden insult, nor could he think of an objection to the statement.
    • Andrew bristled at being told what his subject was and wasn't going to do.
    • Enron officials have bristled at criticism that they aren't working quickly enough.
    • He also bristled at claims that the organization did not view medical privacy as a priority issue.
    • Josh bristled as he said in defense, ‘Not all of us used violent means.’
    • He's positively bristling about the government's failure to react to the crisis.
    • Lewis bristles at the suggestion he's here to legitimize his acting.
    • The actors bristle at the notion that this sentiment will alienate a patriotic American audience.
    • She visably bristled when pressed about how tiny Tom is.
    • Dahlia was not uncomfortable, she was bristling - seething.
    • Ambrose was bristling in anger at the doctor's comment, so for a moment he could say nothing.
    • Now her trim form bristled, like a cat about to attack.
    • She forced herself not to react visibly, but she bristled despite her efforts.
    • Watching him disheveled and obviously bristled, the messenger wondered who would fall prey to his rage.
    • ‘You make us sound like pets,’ said Ternora, bristling a little.
  • 2

    to bristle at sth
    he bristleed se erizó
  • 3

    (have many)
    to bristle with sth
    • They bristled with weapons and were covered from head to foot in thick armor.
    • In the beginning, the area had been crawling with soldiers and bristling with guns.
    • It's nondescript, faceless - yet bristling with hubris.
    • Our finalists, listed below, were an unusually eclectic group this year, bristling with personality.
    • The top and outer face of the wall are bristling with bamboo spikes.
    • She sat propped up in bed, bristling with tubes, and called to each of us by name.
    • In his experience the airwaves are bristling with talk of drug use.
    • This fall's literary landscape fairly bristles with weirdness, perversion, and subversion.
    • The newspaper's office, a few kilometres away, is far from spiffy, even as it bristles with strategy ideas.
    • The screen bristles with sanctimonious speeches, but the same slogans echo relentlessly.
    • He never merely asserts: every paragraph bristles with footnotes and quiet exposition.
    • At the horse's feet, a pallet fence bristles with lances; their bearers have vanished away.
    • His voice bristled with practised conviction.
    • Our boats bristled with cudgels, axes, knives, and machetes.
    • True sore winners, they bristled with outrage at being judged for their results, not their professed intentions.
    • It bristled with raw jalapeño, cut slightly by the rich cream sauce.
    • Built to last, they bristle with every modern convenience.
    • Their Internet sites bristle with purported official documents that detail and expose alleged plots.
    • The new songs bristle with an excitement and immediacy that demand attention.
    • ‘I don't care,’ I shot back at her, bristling with rage.