Translation of bristly in Spanish:


hirsuto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪsli/


  • 1

    pinchudo informal
    don't kiss me, you're too bristly no me beses, que tu barba está muy rasposa
    • The bristly hair in your mustache prickles my skin, itching a bit.
    • Mr. Gershwin, a rather catlike man with an intelligent face and bristly whiskers, began.
    • My eyes were closed to avoid getting jabbed by the bristly grass blades.
    • The bandleader, who doubles as the vocalist, is a small, nimble man with a mobile face and dark, bristly hair.
    • They looked like sunken fat cactuses, as a result of sporadic bristly hairs dotting their bulbous backs.
    • Whatever his status, he unveils a conical dome of dark flesh and bristly hair - supposedly the scalp a Yeti.
    • She looked at me after feeling the bristly hairs brush against her face again.
    • He had long, wiry black hair, and a bristly goatee-beard-mustache combination around his lower face.
    • They were tough, bristly, spiky cave bushes but still plants.
    • His bristly brown beard probably scratched Baby Chad wherever he kissed, but neither seemed to care.
    • His uniform - the one he'd always worn - was green with age and his whiskers were grey and bristly.
    • This was topped up with a bristly white moustache, a ruddy complexion and blue eyes.
    • His big bristly moustache twitched at the edges.
    • Nekoi looked up, a handsome, bristly muzzle appeared.
    • We kissed once more and I stroked his bristly face.
    • He had huge powerful arms and a bristly mustache.
    • I could only just discern the bristly tops of trees.
    • Still, it's difficult to imagine these hard, brown things with bristly bottoms pushing out such incredible blooms.
    • The mixed forests - tall white pine, bristly spruce, oak and maple - seem to extend forever.
    • He grabbed her hand and brought it to his face to rub her fingers over his bristly cheek.