Translation of Brit in Spanish:


británico, n.

Pronunciation /brɪt/


  • 1

    británico masculine
    británica feminine
    • I tend to think of the Guardian as a British publication, really of interest only to us Brits.
    • I'm not one of these Brits abroad who rushes each morning to find a British newspaper.
    • It would be nice if there were some actual Brits in the cast, instead of all these colonials.
    • It sounds like a bad, if familiar, case of practical Brits versus visionary continentals.
    • Innocent Brits on holiday certainly should not have to suffer in this way.
    • We Brits are a nation obsessed by convertibles, despite the generally inclement weather.
    • It's not only retired Brits who are settling here, but also younger people who are coming to look for work.
    • Once the stereotype of Brits abroad was of painfully polite, post-Imperial types.
    • How long, then, before we Brits show a spark of environmental awareness and try to pull off a similar coup.
    • Of course us Brits love a loser and this horse has become something of legend - it even has its own website.
    • The cost to the Brits in money, embarrassment and nerves was just getting out of hand.
    • The Brits there aren't coming home because they haven't done anything wrong, Hugo.
    • We Brits are not confining ourselves to exporting our traditional behavior to Portugal.
    • We Brits love to topple the mighty when they get too big for their boots.
    • Not many Brits understand the dilemma the Republican Movement finds itself in.
    • New York is currently packed with Brits taking advantage of the pound's high exchange rate.
    • The first place that springs to mind when thinking of Brits abroad is Spain.
    • Low-cost airline fares mean that far more Brits visit other parts of Europe now than did a decade ago.
    • It's also possible that many visitors from Northern Ireland are classified as Brits.
    • Let's face it, no one is interested now anyway as there are no Brits left in.