Translation of British in Spanish:


británico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɪdɪʃ/ /ˈbrɪtɪʃ/

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plural noun

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    the British los británicos
    • We might also consider why so many Americans hate the British and all other Europeans.
    • The courage of the Indian troops who fought with the British and the Gurkhas was never in doubt.
    • To the British and Americans, however, it was central to their conduct of the war.
    • Almost twice that number are killed by the British and Americans after they invade Iraq.
    • Even if he had taken Paris, the Americans and the British would have continued to fight.
    • Do you really think that the British would want to lose their national identity?
    • The people who voted on Sunday were not the British, nor the Europeans, but the French.
    • It followed an ultimatum from the British that the Irish agree to their terms or face the renewal of war.
    • Here he witnessed at first hand the lack of comprehension between the British and French.
    • It also fits the change in attitude of the Americans and the British towards armed conflict.
    • For many of the British and American troops massing near Iraq, this is also the reality.
    • We should send the President home with a message from the British to the American people.
    • Almost from the time of European contact it was disputed by the British and the French.
    • Could we, the British, or indeed any nation, have behaved as badly as the Germans did?
    • Over many years the Bengal army had fought faithfully for the British, but on their own terms.
    • One strategy is to try and wean the British off their age-old preference for cod.
    • So in Kenya the British managed to contrive a land system similar to the clearances in Britain.
    • Seemingly unable to influence events in Palestine, the British looked for a way out.
    • We may also note that war itself has a particular significance for the British.
    • At Arnhem, the British met much stiffer opposition than they had been lead to believe.