Translation of broad-based in Spanish:


de base amplia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbrɔdˈbeɪst/ /ˌbrɔːdˈbeɪst/


  • 1

    (with a wide base)
    de base amplia
    con base amplia
  • 2

    (wide-ranging, diverse)
    (approach/policy) de gran alcance
    (audience) amplio y diverso
    • I don't expect Dungeons & Dragons to have much broad-based appeal.
    • Such a broad-based, genuinely diverse movement might actually have an impact.
    • I like to think that I have a fairly broad-based sense of humor.
    • The four-year program involved a broad-based education that focused on individual topics for specified periods of time.
    • Korea's export growth has been quite broad-based.
    • This broad-based marketing strategy ensures the film's success in mainstream venues.
    • Bullish pundits and media commentators are quick to credit news of a strengthening economy for fueling this week's broad-based stock market rally.
    • The Kennedy Center's education area fosters appreciation for the performing arts as an integral part of a broad-based education.
    • China has huge economic and cultural potential, and enjoys broad-based support from the developing world.
    • The construction slowdown is gaining momentum and it is broad-based.
    • We can match music to a campaign in ways that were impossible when the approach was more general and broad-based.
    • Are you going to do a broad-based search for a manager?
    • What is lacking is broad-based federal and state government support so that apprenticeship programs can succeed.
    • The editors and contributors are part of a broad-based network, including trade-union leaders, researchers, members of the ravaged communities, academics and campaigners.
    • People with a general or broad-based experience are a dime a dozen and the only way they get work is to work cheap.
    • The collection is broad-based, but the quality level has remained high.
    • Since the investor cannot beat the market, buying a broad-based market index is likely to earn as good a return with a lot less work.
    • Four of these proposals attracted broad-based support.
    • The humor is reasonably broad-based: not so juvenile that adults will dismiss it, and not so sophisticated that children won't laugh.
    • The marketing department engaged in broad-based, old-fashioned grassroots networking.