Translation of broad-brush in Spanish:


no detallado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbrɔdˈbrəʃ/


  • 1

    (view/approach) no detallado
    (view/approach) generalista
    (terms) muy general
    • The Bacon reports introduced broad-brush measures designed to dampen demand, most notably the restriction of interest relief for investors.
    • Last Thursday, in a speech to the Corporate Council on Africa, Bush outlined a broad-brush agenda on Africa, including an end to Congo's war.
    • As always in Asia, the broad-brush picture hides many fine details.
    • The prison governors’ call for the removal of the right of magistrates to impose prison sentences may be too much of a broad-brush reaction to a pressing problem.
    • If it wasn't for his self-aggrandising tendencies (and his unpleasant, reductive stereotypes) he would probably just be accepted as a bracing broad-brush satirist, a set-piece artist with a terrific ear.
    • Here, again, Scotland is an ideal pioneering venue because DNA is best suited to broad-brush research, what might perhaps be termed macro-genealogy, and the Scottish clan system is more suited to that than any nuclear family.
    • Over the next 18 months both local authorities and individual schools are expected to formulate development plans to turn these well-meaning but broad-brush priorities into meaningful curricular content.
    • Dido's White Flag may have sold millions with its anodyne, broad-brush break-up lyrics, but Williamson's eponymous second album goes much deeper into more raw feelings.
    • Mr McGuinness (who said he had been out with his wife shopping for a bathroom carpet) is, like Mr Blair, a skilful, broad-brush populist with Mandela dreams.
    • What is more, this book starts to evolve into a broad-brush indictment of the New Zealand medical system, or perhaps of the working environment in general and how it is set against women.
    • Its brief is to establish a broad-brush strategy for facilitating a multi-tasking agency partnership which will action a regulatory framework for change.
    • Frears' film has been criticised as being too broad-brush.
    • However, simple, broad-brush reforms can be the best reforms.
    • If not, you're likely to find its broad-brush caricaturing as facile and offensive as I did.
    • The key problem with the five portions rule is that it is based on very broad-brush science.
    • I shall offer a set of very brief empirical sketches of three of the better-documented peasant societies of early medieval Europe, without any pretension to completeness, before offering some broad-brush generalizations.
    • The problems arguably reflect broader structural changes in political economy and culture, often referred to in a broad-brush way as ‘globalization’, which limit the scope of action of governments.
    • It was hoped that using a detailed mathematical formula based on social security rates would enable a more precise calculation of the child's actual needs than the broad-brush attempts at awarding maintenance used by the courts.
    • My Lord, given the results of a fairly complicated costs order, what the first and second respondents submit is a fair and just broad-brush result would be that there be no order for costs.