Translation of broadcast in Spanish:


transmitir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdˌkæst/ /ˈbrɔːdkɑːst/

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transitive verb broadcast, broadcast

  • 1

    • 1.1(transmit)

      (programme/news) transmitir
      (programme/news) emitir
      the fight was broadcast live la pelea se transmitió en directo
      • The funeral ceremony was broadcast live on all television channels, which replaced scheduled programs with recitations from the Koran.
      • The match was broadcast live on national television and radio.
      • The event was broadcast live on government-run television and radio stations.
      • Television programmes broadcast debates between pro- and anti-democracy analysts.
      • BBC World Service broadcasts programmes around the world in 43 languages and has a global audience of 149 million listeners.
      • NASA Television will broadcast the event live, one day after the arrival of the Expedition 7 crew aboard the Station.
      • The awards ceremony was broadcast live on television throughout Europe, England, and in parts of Russia.
      • Last year's event was broadcast live on national television.
      • For now, she savors that special day when color faded into the background and a homecoming queen's parade was broadcast live on national television for two hours.
      • For the first time, digital satellite viewers will be able to opt into a live interactive forum as soon as a programme has been broadcast.
      • A week of programmes recorded at this year's St Magnus Festival were broadcast on Radio 3 this week.
      • A similar lawsuit has recently been launched over the issue of re - broadcasting television programs over the Internet.
      • So you broadcast the live episode and then went immediately on to record the second?
      • Latin America's largest private university will also broadcast programmes via their internet site.
      • BBC Radio Cleveland will be broadcasting a special show live from Stockton's Kingdom of Ice.
      • The military ceremony that followed was broadcast live on Spanish television.
      • It lines up a popular music star or group and has them perform before a small audience, broadcasting the event live on television.
      • Both a case of better the old devil you know, as BBC staff believe both men have the keenest sense of what the BBC is or should be, to remain close to its public service broadcasting roots.
      • Ofcom will update the TV industry on its plans for regional broadcasting when it delivers the final phase of its review of public service broadcasting next month.
      • That is what public service broadcasting means.
      • Sometimes we don't even have to open our mouths to broadcast our outsider status and offend the locals.
      • Again, this is probably not the place to broadcast my feelings publicly, much rather say it to you on the phone, through a text or in person.
      • The correspondence was regularly posted on a web site, broadcasting the ineptitude of this spammer to the world.

    • 1.2(make known)

      (news/rumor) difundir
      (news/rumor) divulgar
      don't go broadcasting it around the office no vayas a publicarlo por toda la oficina

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    (seeds) diseminar
    (seeds) sembrar a voleo
    • Seed is broadcast or drilled on the pastures in late winter or early spring.
    • Another satisfactory method is to broadcast the seed followed by a shallow disking or harrowing and cultipacking.
    • On a commercial scale, some crops may require a seed-planting drill, but you can broadcast most seed and then incorporate it with a disc pulled by a tractor.
    • This year, those who drilled oats seemed to do better than those who broadcast seed.
    • On conventionally prepared seedbeds, brassica seed can be broadcast and incorporated with cultipacking.
    • Seeds should be broadcast in the fall or early spring in well-drained sandy soil that has been well spaded or raked.
    • For a natural look the first year, broadcast half the seeds over the desired area, then sow the remainder in a direction perpendicular to the first.
    • On our farm, we broadcast the hay seed into winter wheat in late winter or early spring and let the freezing and thawing action of the soil pull the seed into the ground.
    • The seeds can also be broadcast in wide rows 8-10 inches apart.
    • Pregerminated seeds are broadcast by hand on the puddled soils, and some farms apply chemicals or natural herbs to control snails.
    • When he does replant, he'll let the plants go to seed or, for small areas or new varieties, he'll broadcast the seed himself.
    • Sometimes seeds were simply broadcast in the wind over barren areas.
    • Uniformly broadcast the seed, then repeat in a perpendicular direction.
    • If these seeds are broadcast, strive for a uniform stand by sowing half the seeds in one direction, then sowing the remaining seed at a right angle to the first.
    • We broadcast 100 seeds of each of the four species in 4 m × 30 cm experimental plots.
    • Drilling is recommended because it requires less seed than broadcasting and is usually more successful.
    • Nitrogen and potassium should not be placed in direct contact with the seed, but should be broadcast.
    • They can be broadcast or spread over lawns and ground covers, or dug or raked into soil around the root zones of trees, shrubs, and perennials.
    • Apply the carbon in a band under the plants, rather than broadcast, so that only one-quarter to one-third of the 900 pounds is needed.
    • This may be done by broadcasting seed and depending on freezing, thawing, and cattle trampling to cover the seed.

intransitive verb broadcast, broadcast

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    (station) transmitir
    (station) emitir
    the Prime Minister will broadcast to the nation la Primera Ministra se dirigirá a la nación
    • Kpig was the first commercial radio station to broadcast on the Web, and it has blazed trails ever since.
    • This new deal will enable the station to broadcast on five frequencies a total of 25 hours a week of BBC programming.
    • That's what KPIG has been doing since it became the first commercial radio station ever to broadcast on the Web.
    • According to Agus, a television station which broadcasts 20 hours a day needs at least 7,500 to 8,000 hours of programming annually.
    • The station, likely to broadcast on its original frequency, 87.9FM, will be based in the town centre.
    • The station will broadcast on 107 FM, right up there near the top of the FM band.
    • Mr Allen, 52, was 17 and the second voice ever to broadcast on the station in 1969.
    • The Goons first broadcast on the Home Service on 28 May 1951, initially titled Crazy People.
    • Infamously, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra do not broadcast on Radio Scotland.
    • Claremorris Community Radio will broadcast on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am until 9pm, at which stage they will break for the Christmas.
    • You also broadcast on radio, so let me ask you, are your readers, are your viewers, are your listeners still interested in this trial?
    • It was the UK's first pirate radio station to broadcast 24 hours a day.
    • Aimee McPherson was the first woman to broadcast on the radio in North America.
    • She has also broadcast on the radio in France, Romania and Switzerland.


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    programa masculine
    emisión feminine formal
    broadcast journalism periodismo de radio y televisión
    • broadcast media medios de radiodifusión y teledifusión
    • broadcast network estación emisora
    • broadcast news noticias de radio y televisión