Translation of broaden in Spanish:


ampliar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdn/ /ˈbrɔːd(ə)n/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (scope/horizons/interests) ampliar
    • Mr Walsh praised the industry's efforts in broadening and expanding its market reach at EU retail level.
    • This volume sets out to correct the imbalance, though, inevitably, the theme broadens out to a variety of aspects of motherhood.
    • This discussion of technical aspects of narrative broadens out in this essay into a criticism of the capitalist system and its effects.
    • ‘Right Livelihood’ means avoiding trade in arms, prostitution, animal slaughter and it also broadens out into how one shares one's life with others.
    • The article broadens out from these beginnings into a savage attack on both political apathy and nakedly self-interested politicians.
    • As Deborah Coddington rightly pointed out, that broadens out the definition to provide protection where it is needed.
    • In ‘The Queen's Court ’, the exhibition broadens out into a more thematic display.
    • On the other hand, those wanting to keep the term say that the field is broadening and needs to encompass a greater range of areas.
    • That is where the definition can be expanded and broadened.
    • Research interests are broadening in scope to ask questions such as: What are the causes of different rates of ageing of mental abilities?
    • This discussion broadened out to cover many aspects of travel photography and rounded off a most enjoyable evening at the Camera Club.
    • At the same time, it broadened out into the full range of modish telecoms services, including internet and data traffic.
    • I think the definition has broadened out considerably, and that is a good thing.
    • What began as an attempt to pacify the peasantry soon broadened out into an attack on privileges in general.
    • With this in mind the Westport branch of Sinn Fein has called for the proposed workshop to be broadened out.
    • This can be broadened out from Crowley, if you like, to take in other authors.
    • And afflicted people will tacitly struggle against such connotations until the spectrum of acceptance broadens and mental impediments are no longer considered disabilities, but respected facts of life.
    • But when the plot broadens in the second act - with the pair joining forces to take revenge on Ata's aforementioned, good-for-nothing husband - the action becomes farcical and unconvincing.
    • Here, players must deal with the lines the boat directs them along, though the ability to briefly let go of the rope to access distant areas broadens the possibilities a little.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (scope/interests) ampliarse
  • 2

    (river/valley) ensancharse
    • Lynn winks naughtily at him, and Clark's smile broadens.
    • At the thought of his son, he quickly remembered the little girl who had come with him, and the smile on his face broadened.
    • His eyes flipped around towards where I was hiding, and his pleasant smile broadened.
    • Banedon's smile broadened, for he knew very well that Eleanor was just acting spoilt.
    • Hopping out of the car she took a long look around and her smile broadened.
    • Her smile broadened until it was as wide as a banana, and Lauren scowled at her.
    • Only now that chest had broadened and seemed so distant despite the fact that it was within touching distance.
    • A sharp beak on the islands soggy western side broadens the lump of land to forty miles.
    • For each value of x o, a different constant term was added to the logarithm to broaden the distances between curves.
    • My Friend Frieda and I battled for second place for a wile, until we both allowed the distance between us and Miss Fudge to broaden.
    • The two angelic entities, who had been called Tarahito and Suzikara at one point, broadened their smiles.
    • Val forgot all worries in an instant and broadened her smile.
    • Its head looks like a dandelion clock, from which flows a long tail which broadens and splits about a degree or so along its length.
    • As the concentration increases, the spectrum broadens, and the band on the short wavelength side of the Q band, peaking at ~ 625 nm, increases in intensity.
    • And from the Po itself, and its tributary the Mincio, which broadens into the three lakes that wrap themselves slothfully around the old town, comes fog - huge banks of it that make life cold and unfocussed between autumn and spring.
    • From the eastern hills it broadens out over wide alluvial plains between Jabalpur and Harda, where the villages are quite highly stratified and occupied by farming communities and fishermen.
    • Beyond this top the ridge broadens out before dropping to Meall nan Dearcag which took me back to the Kilfinnan Burn.
    • From here the ridge broadens out in a wide sweep all the way to the huge cairn on Carn Eighe.
    • For about three quarters of a mile before it runs into Smynge so, the river Guden broadens out and is up to a hundred yards wide.
    • SE of Lang San the fault zone broadens out to form a strike-slip duplex geometry.