Translation of broadleaved in Spanish:


de hoja ancha, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdˌlivd/ /brɔːdˈliːvd/


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    de hoja ancha
    • It mainly parasitizes alfalfa, but also attacks some horticultural crops, legumes, and broadleaved weeds, though it is seldom found on woody plants, grasses, or cereals.
    • For example, if an herbicide controls broadleaved weeds but not grasses, grasses will fill the entire field.
    • But the inventory shows that the area planted with native pine and broadleaved species, which provide better habitats for wildlife, is expanding.
    • The female builds the nest on an outer branch of a small willow, alder, big-leafed maple, cottonwood, or other broadleaved tree or shrub.
    • They often nest in conifers, but will sometimes nest in aspen, oak, or other broadleaved trees.
    • Our results show that shading can ameliorate low temperature stress in Eucalyptus pauciflora, one of the most freeze hardy of broadleaved evergreen trees.
    • Pitch-pine forest Made up primarily of pitch pine or a mixture of pitch pine and shortleaf pine, this kind of forest often includes a few broadleaved trees, particularly blackjack oak, post oak, and chinquapin oak.
    • Their non-breeding habitat is determined by available food, but often contains mountain ash, ash, maple, and other broadleaved trees.
    • Evening Grosbeaks breed in mixed conifer forests, but will used broadleaved trees for nesting and foraging.
    • Field Margins are places where traditional grasses and broadleaved plants can grow.
    • By mid-afternoon conifers predominated, and as the sun set, its mellow rays swept across a forest in which few broadleaved trees could be seen.
    • Winder Intake became a Site of Special Scientific Interest ten years ago, and important plant species are birdseye primrose and the broadleaved cotton grass.
    • Small, broadleaved, shallow-rooted weeds (such as knotweed) may indicate soil compaction, which is common along sidewalks and driveways.
    • Usually, Titanotrichum can be found around the headwaters of streams under subtropical broadleaved rain forest dominated by Fagaceae and Lauraceae.