Translation of broadsheet in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɔdˌʃit/ /ˈbrɔːdʃiːt/


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    periódico de formato grande (newspaper)
    broadsheet journalism periodismo serio
    • Do you compare Radio Scotland to a broadsheet newspaper or a tabloid?
    • Shortly afterwards the Guardian, a British broadsheet newspaper, published the obituary of Cohn Osman, founder of Creative Camera.
    • The broadsheet newspaper's circulation advanced 3.5 per cent to an all-time high of 120,397 in the July to December period, according to the latest audited circulation figures.
    • And its interesting because I went on to the Observer, which is a broadsheet newspaper, and very respectable, and for a very short time in the late 70s I was Woman's Editor.
    • The fact that your article last week on unsatisfactory new-build housing filled an entire page of a broadsheet newspaper and the word ‘architect’ did not appear once speaks volumes.
    • They're not going to make a decision and say, ‘Oh look, I'm going to go to a website instead of going to my broadsheet newspaper.’
    • Anyone who reads a broadsheet newspaper will be familiar with the issues covered by Julie Black's recent programme, ‘My Foetus’.
    • Here's a gripping tale about Lesley Dalton, of York, who wrote this letter to a national broadsheet newspaper this week.
    • Al is a pundit for a broadsheet newspaper and is paid to find imperfection in everything; Davina works in an art gallery and is paid to make life more beautiful.
    • When I'm abroad, I miss having a decent broadsheet newspaper.
    • On the balance, we don't see students consuming either magazines or national broadsheets for information.
    • In all the London-based papers - six daily broadsheets, and four magazines the tone has been remarkably consistent.
    • The next day the broadsheets printed special editions with huge double-page spreads showing the havoc in Manhattan.
    • Leander wrote intelligent pieces for a broadsheet under a male pseudonym.
    • The week ending September 16 saw circulation increases for most papers, and all broadsheets.
    • Reports say the conservative broadsheet will run nine pages of news a day.
    • Both the political and social-class designations no longer seem appropriate, and the resizing of broadsheets will undoubtedly add to the difficulty of deciding which paper serves a given audience.
    • Next time you pick up a broadsheet paper, look at all the tripe that falls out of it: cars, clothes, restaurants and the hundreds of ads that power these supplements.
    • It's entertainment, not a broadsheet paper.
    • Even the opinion polls published in the broadsheet papers showed very strong views on the Rapid Reaction Force and the need to preserve neutrality.